Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Supernatural 516

I know, I'm being a Pollyanna again, but am I the only person who is still trying to see the best in Sam?

I've read several reviews now and none of them seem to see what I saw, which is Zachariah messing with Dean's head. Is it really a coincidence that of all Sam's happy memories we got to see, that all of them where about leaving his family? Seriously?

Are people forgetting that it's made clear several times over that in heaven Zachariah could pretty much change their perceptions, let them see whatever memories he wants them to see.

Sure there's the scene with the physical torture,but come on, that's just a distraction. The real torture he was putting Dean through, was the memories of Sam that he allowed Dean to see, handpicking those particular happy moments of Sam's life that didn't involve Sam's family.

And then he rams it in with a hammer in the scene with Mary, as if he's shouting at Dean: "see you should just stop loving Sam and stop trusting in him, cause all he wants to do, all anyone wants to do, is leave you!"

I'm not a Sam girl, Dean's my fave and always has been, so I'm not just saying this because I want to see the best in Sam. But still, this seemed kinda obvious to me.

And wasn't little Sammy cute as always?
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