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I thought the ep was ok, bit boring since I don't care for EvilSpike, unless as background to the much more interesting current day version, though I've got mixed feelings on Lawson. (didn't really like the actor)
The one real problem I had with the ep though, was how they did
their best to make Spike look stupid.

Spike on Buffy was not stupid, yet for some reason, the Angel
writers seem to want us to believe that he is.
The only reason this past version of Spike fits with Spike as we
know him, is if I compare his behavior to Wesley's in Lineage.

I mean, Spike manages to escape on his own, free the two other
vampires, fight the entire crew and kill most of them, yet all of a
sudden, when Angel shows up, he reverts to this bumbling fool.
Guess most of the bragging and attitude seemed to be Spike going
over the top to impress Angelus. Something that becomes even more
clear with how easily Spike slips back into following Angel.
Guess he must have really missed the old man while he was gone.

I don't really see the continuity problems, in fact Spike didn't say
that he smelled a soul on Angel in School Hard, he just knew there
was something wrong with Angelus. And I think what happened in 1943
might be what made him suspicious when they met again.

And the thing with the early Initiative, Spike did mention nazis
when he woke up in that cell back in season four so...

The two things I did like in this ep...
Spike singing 'God save the King' and Angel despite many
opportunities not killing Spike, and later on Lawson. He might have
made them leave, but even though this was evil Spike, whom Angel
knew would go on killing, he still couldn't kill members of his
I mean, as an occasional slasher, I find that very very interesting;-

Not to mention, vampires sired by a souled vampire being different
from regular vampires... I'm wondering how many X/S writers or A/W-
writers suddenly jumped to their keyboards to write vamping fics ;-)


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