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Supernatural 511 and 512

I don't know, I didn't really like this ep. I don't know what it is, the humor maybe? There was just too many attempts at being funny, which tend to make me cringe rather than amuse me.

Kinda like the pudding scene in last week's ep.

I will say one good thing though, thank God there wasn't a Dean-Sam swap. I honestly don't see why people keep asking for one, because it would be pretty much pointless. Bodyswaps are only interesting when the two people swapped are different enough from one another and there's people around to react and notice the swap.

Dean and Sam quite simply don't hang around enough of a regular supporting cast to make a body swap between them even remotely interesting.

And I still want to see more fics about 511. I just rewatched that ep, which I loved and I keep thinking about that ending. The scene at the morgue and then the scene with them running away. And somehow it feels like there's a lot of time missing in between the two scenes, just to explain their escape.

I keep thinking that one could easily place several days or even a week in between those two scenes. With lots and lots of angsty scenes and people treating them as insane, even now that they no longer are. Lots of drugs and stuff like that.

And oh yes, there's no way that the boys aren't back on the cops radar now. They must have left their finger prints all over the hospital, so there's no way that the cops wouldn't look those up in their data base and as soon as they did, they'd come up with the Winchesters.

In fact, it might actually be interesting if the next time the boys get captured by the cops, that they're treated as if they're mental patients*g* It's definitely given me some bunnies for my planned sequel to my spn/cm crossover
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