Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Blaming the victim

New Years Day is supposed to be a day of celebration, of looking forward to the new year. This year, in a small town in Belgium it ended in tragedy when a young couple, Kevin (22) and Shana (18) were found murdered. They'd both been shot in the head. He was found in the back of his car, she not far away from her home. They'd been driving home after a New Years Party, not too far away from where they lived.

A few days ago, a suspect was arrested, he's finally confessed to both murders. Reports say he first murdered the boy, then used the gun to force the girl to go with him, tried to rape her and when that failed, he shot her as well.

After this he torched the car.

Imagine the pain this must have caused to the parents.

His supposed reason for all this?

He claims he was tired of the boy bullying him.

A grown man, 38 years old, a teacher, claiming that he murdered two young people, and tried to rape an innocent young girl, because the boy 'bullied' him? Seriously?

This man not only planned his actions, you don't carry the kind of stuff you need to do this on a whim, especially since Belgium's gunlaws are a lot stricter than those in the US, but to make things worse, he saw no difficulty in going back to school this monday and teaching his regular classes as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

And yet he dares to blame the victim.

And now they say he most likely murdered another girl as well.

And still he blames the boy he murdered.

I'm sorry, I know just how bad bullying can be, but no matter what that boy might or might not have done, there is NO excuse for what he did. None whatsoever.

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