Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dexter fic request

Is it bad manners to ask for a Christmas/New Year present?

If not, I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics, or could write me one, where Dexter did surrender in s2, or other fics of the kind where Dexter is revealed to be a serial killer and how this affects Deb, Rita and the kids.

Not just a fic where Deb or Rita finds out and then decides not to tell anyone, those are ok, but honestly, esp. with Deb, they feel a bit unrealistic.

I mean a fic where Dexter is actually arrested and probably ends up in a mental institute or prison. Possibly with Deb or Rita still trying to help him, only without breaking their own moral code. (which they would if they let him keep on killing people)

Pretty please

PS: and if those fics happen to be crossovers with some kind of investigative cop shows, Criminal Minds, CSI, whatever, that'd be even more awesome

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