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Fic: Eat it Twilight (15/16)

Title: Eat it Twilight
Author Name: liliaeth
Artists Name: lightthesparks
Beta: runriggers, just_ruth, faithburke
Summary: The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The unsub's name, Dean Winchester.
Genre: Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover
Warnings: death of children, religious themes, violence
Pairing: not an issue
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't own either, no matter how much I might want to
Notes: Spoilers for s5 of CM and SPN


What the hell was wrong with this town? Was it something in the water that turned everyone in it insane? The Winchesters, those guys outside, now this girl? Reid grabbed his gun and shot. The girl finally stopped focusing solely on Sam and turned to him, she didn’t even flinch. For a moment he wondered what was wrong with his gun. Even if she’d been wearing a bullet proof vest, the impact should have still hurt her more than she was showing.

Then he noticed a bloodspot growing in her chest, and yet, she still stood there. Drugs, strong enough to keep her from feeling the pain, they probably made her feel stronger as well. Suddenly he felt something grab him and throw him against the wall. It was insane, it was impossible, Hotch went next. One moment he was standing ready to shoot, the next he was flying in the air. The way he landed, Reid wanted to run over immediately and check up on him, but he couldn’t move.

“How?” he tried to ask, but she was already turning back to Sam. “Now Sammy boy, how would you like me to kill your new friends, by blade or by hand. Your pick.”

“I’ll kill you first.” Sam muttered, Reid couldn’t believe he was actually putting his hope in a wanted serial killer for saving them. Worse than that, he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out of here, go to that lecture he’d planned to go to, finish reading that book a friend of his had send him, anything not to die here in a way that made him feel he was going insane, just thinking of it.

“Oww poor little Spencer, so so scared of going insane like dear sweet mummy. Let me tell you a secret, your mommy, she wasn’t born insane, she was driven there.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Ask Dean what happens when one of the featherbrains leaves your body, once you’ve got the chance. As it turns out, dear old Mrs. Reid was lucky she got out as well as she did. “


Castiel can see his brother’s grace before he enters the room. The archangel’s light fills the essence of all that lives inside of it. He feels dread cross his spine, but then he sees Dean and he realizes that he has no choice. He has allied himself with Dean, given up heaven for Dean’s ideas of right and wrong. To turn on that, to go against that belief now, would betray what little foundation his life has left.

No matter how much he fears Raphael.

“Castiel.” His name is said with revulsion. He remembers how his brothers named Lucifer after he rebelled and it hurts, savagely so, to hear that same kind of hate aimed at himself. But most of all, it sounds as if Raphael wasn’t expecting him. It makes him wonder how he got out.

He knows not to ask his brother. Instead he quickly grabs Dean by the shoulder and has them both out of the room before Raphael can try and protest. They end up in the next state over before Castiel dares to stop running.

“Damn it, Cas, your timing gets better and better.”

Castiel can’t help but smile under the praise.

“We need to get back to the station.”

Cas is shocked.

“I’m not leaving the Impala in those feds’ hands. Besides, we need to get Ruby’s knife back. Not to mention all the other stuff from the trunk that’s almost impossible to replace.”

Castiel can’t help but think of the knife he’d handed over. He’d really like to get that one back. So he tilts his head and places a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean almost resists and then shrugs, “Two to beam up, Scotty.”

“But my name isn’t Scotty, ” Dean just smiles, lifts an eyebrow and then looks at him in a way that seems to say, ‘so what’s keeping you?’.

Castiel bites his Vessel’s lips and brings them both back to the police station; to the place where he senses his weapon. It is ringing in his grace, missing him, almost as much as he has missed it.

Dean just grabs a bag and starts throwing in whatever he can find. Castiel doesn’t think that all the weapons Dean grabs were his, but he has learned better than to ask him about this.

Instead he finds a bag filled with white powder. He stares at it, not quite understanding what’s in it. It looks a bit like salt, only the chemical analysis is all wrong.

Dean grabs the bag away from him and wags his finger at him.
“Bad Cas, bad bad Cas. No touching the heroin, it’s not good for angels.”

It only adds to his curiosity.


Vinnie follows the sewers. He’d been there before. When he was fifteen, he’d done a job for the city sewer system. That had been right before the diner closed down. He’s not sure if he remembers the stench being worse then, than it is now. He can’t quite imagine it.

He’s reloading his gun and wipes a bloodied hand over his scalp.

Marissa was inside, all alone, and he needed to be there to protect her, no matter how much of God’s presence was with her. She was only a girl after all, his girl. His Marissa. He got through the grid and ended up in the basement of the diner. Back before, the owner had been coming on and off to bring them coffee and hot biscuits when they’d been working here. She’d had that low cut shirt and Vinnie and the guys he was working with, had loved to see her bend over when she dropped something.

The landing field never quite took off like the owner had planned it too, and the diner closed, bankrupt. The owner had left town shortly afterwards.

Vinnie moved up the stairs and pushed against the door, it seemed to be a bit stuck and he pushed against it, only to hear voices.
“What do you think will happen when your patsies find out what you really are, Meg?”

“Sammy boy, what do you take me for, I’ve already taken care of that. The morons were just to keep you here, to keep you in place. But now that I’ve got you, they’re … expendable.”

Sammy, that was Satan’s Vessel, the one they’d come here to find.

He finally opened the door.


“Hey Vinnie, did you take care of the others?”

“Yeah.” He stared up at the scene, not quite understanding what he was seeing. “What’s going on?”

How had that one guy ended up pinned to the wall like that?

“Vinnie here’s my good friend, aren’t you Vinnie.”

Vinnie wondered about the fed that Marissa was still holding on to. Then she cut the guy’s throat and dropped him on the floor.


She grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a kiss, Sam seemed to be about to interfere when the second fed flew up against the wall as well.

He wanted to ask her what was happening, powers like these they weren’t human, they weren’t right. But then she was kissing him and he couldn’t quite say a word.

“What did you do to him Meg?” Sam seemed to ask her.

“Nothing, I just gave him everything he ever wanted. Didn’t I Vinnie?” he pulled her close, his hand brushing her hair.

“Marissa?” he asked once more.

“I kissed him and held him tight and let him fuck me, just like he’s been wanting to do to dear darling Marissa ever since she was fourteen, and he saw her play in the yard with the sprinkler. When her shirt got wet and he could see she was starting to turn into a woman.”

There was something in her tone, it sounded cruel, hard, nothing like the girl he’d been in love with for years. “Marissa, you know that’s not…”

“Marissa used to hide from him, she started wearing more clothes to keep out of his sight. She was so scared whenever dear old daddy left her alone with his trusted handyman. The son he never had.”

“Marissa.” He didn’t understand.

“But Vinnie never noticed how much she despised him, how much he skeeved her out. I could hear her screaming inside the first time I kissed him. Her soul shuddered with every touch, with every word I said to him.”

Vinnie backed away.

“That’s right Vinnie. You’re nothing but a sick little fuck to her. And I enjoyed every moment of pain it gave her to let you near her.”

He slapped her. “What are you? What have you done to Marissa?”

She didn’t even wince. And the next moment he flew against the wall as well.
“Such a sick little boy. That’s why your momma threw you out, isn’t it. Couldn’t bear to be in the same room with you.”

“Shut up!” He ended up against the ceiling, hitting it hard before falling to the floor, desperate to crawl back up.

“And to think Sammy, Ruby’s host must have felt just as sick when Ruby slept with you. Can you even imagine her screams?”


David couldn’t believe it. He quite literally couldn’t believe it. Winchester and Novak had actually returned. He watched them through the cameras and saw them going through the evidence locker as if they were a tornado. Well mostly Winchester. Novak was just staring at his knife.

He swallowed and stood there for a second, before pressing the alarm. Still shuddering, still believing he had to have a concussion, anything, because what he’d seen earlier was simply put impossible. Men didn’t just disappear right in front of your eyes. It was impossible. In other words, it was either a trick, or he still hadn’t recovered from the knock on the head or however else Novak had knocked him out earlier.
Winchester motioned them both towards the door and Rossi knew where they were heading before they took a step. He hoped he’d get there first, with all the cops in the duo’s way, he should be.

The Impala stood gleaming in the moonlight, it looked dangerous. It was just a car, just a tool and yet….

Winchester didn’t see him right away, instead he ran up to the car.

“God baby, what did they do to you?”David wasn’t sure, but he had a guess that Winchester was talking about the trunk and the fact that it had been forced open, along with a thorough check for secret compartments all throughout the rest of the car. All they’d found was the stuff in the trunk, a box with old family pictures under the front seat, and a cell phone lying alongside a worn journal written by John Winchester under the dashboard.

David had given the journal a quick read before putting it down. As a direct look into madness, the journal was priceless. It stated John Winchester’s view of the world, and through it Dean and Sam’s perspective, in cold precise wordings. Short, simplistic, and terrifying in the idea it gave of all the murders John Winchester had to have committed over the years, just thinking of all the creatures he claimed to have destroyed.

What was even scarier was the description of the world that those boys had grown up in. Mentions of Dean’s training of Sam’s first successful hunt at age 12. The poor kids had never even stood a chance. Sure there was a mention of Sam playing soccer, but more in regards to how it stood in the way of him learning how to shoot a bow.

Every attempt at socializing was mentioned as a waste of time. Sam’s attempt to leave the family business by going to college was described as a betrayal. Then it stopped, right in the middle of a hunt for ‘a woman in white’, only to be continued in a different handwriting. Dean’s this time.

Both Winchesters’ fingerprints had been all over the journal, adding little notes and additions and short little stories of ghosts and demons and even killer clowns.

The last notation was over a year ago. “It’s over, just one more day and then hell. You damn well better take care of my baby for me, Sam.”

Winchester was almost literally cooing over the car. The car. David almost slapped himself, thinking they’d actually been trying to find a hint about Winchester fathering a child somewhere. Of course it was the car! Novak on the other hand was just standing there, holding one of the bags that the two of them had liberated from the evidence locker. He didn’t really seem to know what to do with them.

Winchester just opened the trunk and threw them in, David decided that was the perfect moment to show himself.


Winchester just rolled his eyes. “What the hell is it with you people? It’s not enough that you’ve got this fetish for orange outfits and chains, but you got to go mess with a dude’s wheels?”

“You’re under arrest, both of you.” Rossi came out in the open, his gun aimed at both, though more at Winchester than at Novak. Not because Novak was less dangerous, he’d proven them wrong on that score already, but because Novak didn’t seem to have even the slightest respect for guns.

“What about no?” Winchester just continued placing his stuff in the trunk. “I’m sorry pal, any other time I’d… still run for the hills. But right now, I’ve really got much more important things to deal with than talk on end to a bunch of cops who won’t believe me, no matter how many times I tell them the truth.”

“Damn it Winchester, this doesn’t have to end this way. Surrender and I’ll guarantee I’ll do anything to help your case in court. But if you keep fighting, it’ll just get you killed.”

Winchester just smiled, he seemed somewhat sad. “It’s too late for that Agent. What happens now…Whether I live or die, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as we go fighting.”

It was then that David realized that Novak had somehow managed to sneak up on him. He didn’t understand how, one moment he’d been standing next to Winchester, the next…

And then he heard some strange whisper in words that made no sense.

“So where’s Sam?” was the last thing he heard Winchester say, before he went out.

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