Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I have a request.
I just got this idea for a fic, something that could be fun and all,
only while writing it, I get the feeling that I can't seem to get
the words correctly to put the images as I've got them in my head...

Long story short, I'm looking for a co-writer, someone who can help
me make an oc actually interesting enough to write her as Spike's
friend and potential love interest.

I've got ideas, basic plot, names of chars, knowledge of who I want
these chars to be and how they end up. All I need is someone capable
of helping me to get these ideas on paper.

For those interested,
the oc is not some superpowered allmighty being.
She's an adult woman living in LA, trying to raise her 11 year old
daughter who's a Slayer. And oh yes, she's the janitor of the
building Spike's living in.

I would really appreciate some help, hell even a good beta willing
to do serious editing and checking for grammar and spelling orders
would be a great help already.

Please, help me?

Tags: unfinished wip

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