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Fic: Eat it Twilight (10/16)

Title: Eat it Twilight
Author Name: liliaeth
Artists Name: lightthesparks
Beta: runriggers, just_ruth, faithburke
Summary: The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The unsub's name, Dean Winchester.
Genre: Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover
Warnings: death of children, religious themes, violence
Pairing: not an issue
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't own either, no matter how much I might want to
Notes: Spoilers for s5 of CM and SPN


Derek seemed subdued, he was on the phone with Garcia. Emily left him to grab a coffee.

“Novak and Winchester both point at Clarissa Burns.”

“So who is she?”

“An English teacher, as far as I can see. She was a volunteer at Camp Dowry and has been at the station asking questions about the case. All… normal questions. Nothing different from what any of the other people in the community have been asking.”

“She’s Donna Martin’s cousin.” Rossi said. “One of the deputies told me.”

“So, her aunt runs Camp Dowry, and Burns has been running interference with Martin. Something’s wrong there.”

“Still nothing from Martin. And believe me, I’ve been trying.”

“Maybe we should go talk to her?” Derek put down his phone as he said so. He didn’t mention what he’d been calling about. He’d been agitated ever since Novak’s interrogation. If this were anyone but Derek, he’d look terrified. Derek just seemed … twitchy.

“I’m up for it.” And Emily was surprised to find that she was. The whole run around business was starting to piss her off. All she’d wanted to do was ask a few simple questions, yet she hadn’t been able to contact Mrs. Martin since they started the case.

“One of us needs to stay here though. I had to order Miller away from Winchester earlier. We can’t risk him going near the guy a second time.” He’d already been taken off the case. That didn’t give them the right to throw the man out of his own station. They didn’t want to piss of the locals.

Rossi hesitated a moment. “I’ll do it. Maybe you should take Miller with you? He knows the area and talking to Martin might help us find out what that quarantine business is about.”

Emily bit her lip. “No. Winchester said something earlier, that if he took Sharon, she’d be dead already. I don’t think he was lying. I don’t think he ever had her.”

“And neither did Novak.” They sat quiet for a moment.

“So where is she?” Rossi finally asked the million dollar question. Derek put his palms on the table and Prentiss took another look at the file.

“What about Hotch and Reid? Shouldn’t they have landed by now?” She’d been trying to reach them for over an hour, but still no connection.
“I don’t know.” Emily got her coat. “I’ll call him on the way, see what’s keeping them.” Morgan followed right behind her.


Sam was starting to worry. Change that, continued to worry. The demons hadn’t even tried to get in since they were first forced into the building. It was as if they were waiting them out. No clouds, no smell of sulfur surrounding the building. Wood creaked above them and he could hear some of the tiles on the roof clatter. It could be the wind. What was left of the diner was about ready to collapse. He tugged at his shackles. The good doctor looked at him and he quickly stopped. Reid seemed to have a never ending supply of questions and Sam wasn’t sure why he kept answering.

Maybe it was the answers and anecdotes that Reid kept coming up with. It was almost like a real life Google engine standing right next to you. Enter one bit of data, get ten back. It was almost like being back at Stanford with Becky and Zach, except for the questions being less about legal cases and more about demons and monsters. Like a mix of his two childhoods.

Another creak above them. Sam gripped the shackle attached to his wrists before he got a hold of himself. “There’s someone on the roof.”

Reid looked up. He shared a look with Hotch. The older agent motioned at one of the clones to back him up. The bald man grabbed a flashlight and followed his boss to the back. There had been a small attic above the diner, Sam could see that much through the holes in the roof that let through an occasional splash of rain. It worried him more than the cracks in the windows, or in between the boarded up glass.

He tried his shackles again, or at least the bar that they’d been attached to.

“You have to calm down, Sam.” Reid had pulled out his own gun. It felt misplaced in his hand. “Hotch will stop them.”

Sam glared, but he noticed that Reid was getting ready in his own way. He liked the man, but FBI training or not, he was just a civilian. He had no idea of what could be coming after him. Sam forced himself to take a few deep breaths. “Don’t let them get me alive.” He whispered. “If it comes to that. Please, kill me before they take me to him. Kill me and salt and burn my bones.”

“Sam.” Gentle, rational.

“Promise me. Promise me you’ll kill me.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“What, cop morality?” Sam got up off his chair. “Do you have any idea what’s at stake here?” Reid wasn’t much smaller than him, but he wasn’t as big, wasn’t as muscled. Sam knew all too well how intimidating he could be. “If they get me to consent, millions will die! I can’t… I can’t let that happen.”

“Sam.” Reid wasn’t intimidated. He blinked though.

“I’ll make you kill me if I have to.”

Reid looked at him with pity, remembering something. Sam wished he knew what it was. “Please, for everyone’s sake. I’m not suicidal. I don’t want to die. But if they get me. I’d be begging for death and so would everyone else on the planet.”


Derek got out of the car and checked his gun, before moving to the door. Prentiss was already waiting for him, three more cops at her side. They’d had to hurry to get a search warrant, but it had come through mere minutes earlier. Thank God for judges that worked late.

There wasn’t any doorbell, so he knocked.

“Mrs. Martin. This is the FBI, we have some questions.” No answer, he knocked again. Only silence answered them. “Cover me.”

Then he kicked in the door. It wasn’t even locked. He expected a mess, but it was nothing like that. Just an old lady’s home. He heard a dog barking in the back room and opened the door. A small Terrier came rushing out, jumping at his legs.

Emily sniggered behind her hand before continuing. Derek heard one of the cops yell ‘clear’, he ignored it and moved to the room that the dog came out of. Nothing. “ Clear!”

He waved at Emily to take the room to the left, while he took the door on the right. It led to a small living room. He heard something. It was soft, a moan.

The woman lay on her side, there was blood on her forehead. “Help me.” She sounded hoarse. “Prentiss, get an ambulance.” He didn’t wait for an answer and went to get the woman something to drink. It didn’t take him long to find a bottle, half of it had been poured out when it fell, but he quickly let her have the rest before helping her up and checking her for injuries. Aside from the cut on her forehead she seemed to be unharmed.

“Clarissa. Where’s Clarissa.”

“Mrs. Martin.”

“She was here. She wanted to know what that nice young agent had come for.” She started coughing.


“Agent Corgan. He wanted to ask about the girls. Poor girls, getting sick at camp. Clarissa was kind enough to look after them for me.” Derek helped her up.

“Mrs. Martin, did you call the parents about the girls being under quarantine?”

“Clarissa…” the old lady coughed again and Derek helped her take another sip. “She called them. Such a sweet girl. It was just a flu bug, just…” The old woman lost consciousness.


“I’ve checked the files Derek, someone already went through them.”

“Winchester.” The word slipped from his lips before he could stop it. Prentiss looked at him. “Seems like he was here to ask Mrs. Martin some questions.”

“So he was right. There really was a quarantine.”

“They were both right about Burns as well.”

“Maybe.” Derek looked at the journal Prentiss gave him. “So where is she?”


Novak was still waiting in the interrogation room. He’d been asking to see Dean again. David was starting to wonder if he should just let him. Put Novak in a cell and let him go past Winchester as he did.

The man just sat there. Still, almost frozen, as if he was a robot in sleepmode, just waiting for something to activate him. He really needed to stop thinking about Novak as if he were something other than human. Regardless of what Novak himself believed, he was just a man. He needed help and Winchester had used that. Neither of them even realized it, they fit one another’s delusions, so becoming partners had probably felt natural.

Rossi put a cup of coffee down in front of Novak. “Here, I thought you might need some.” Novak just looked at it then ignored it.

They sat there for about five more minutes and would have probably stayed like that until David started talking again when Novak started shaking. Rossi got out of his chair, but before he could do anything, Novak had already fallen to the floor.

David knelt beside him. “What’s wrong?”

Novak froze, his back arched and his hands fell to the floor. He opened his mouth in a silent scream. Rossi could hear sirens and car alarms sounding outside. The lights of the room started flickering. For a moment David couldn’t help but think back of those childhood days when faith had come so easily to him.


Novak curled up, his arms grabbing his legs. David yelled at the door, for someone to call a doctor. Glass was shattering and there was a sound unlike anything he’d ever heard, his ears bled for a second and then it stopped and Novak lay there, still shaking.

“My wings. I can’t move my wings. It feels like something is tearing at my grace.” He sounded in pain.

All Rossi could do was try and sooth him, saying things like “it’ll be fine” but all it did was agitate Novak even more.

“I need to see Dean. “

He started getting off the floor. Rossi grabbed his arm and tried to stop him. He would have had more luck trying to hold back the tide. He raised his hand to his ear, blood dripped on his fingertip. They were in the hall before David managed to let go.

“Novak… Castiel. Stop.”

Novak turned back to him. “I need to protect Dean. Before my brothers get to him.” His voice sounded soft, almost kind. Almost as if he were apologizing for something he knew he’d have to do.

His hands moved to David’s head, there was a soft whisper and then all David could do was fall.


Sharon stared down at the woman in front of her. She looked at her as if it was the first time she ever saw her teacher for real. The Goth make up so obvious it almost made you wonder if she’d just stepped in from the streets. She smelled of cheap perfume.

“Ms. Burns, please.” She whispered.

“We were going to be together forever. Forever ever. Did you know that?” Sharon stared at the teacher, the woman was dressed, or undressed in black silk underwear. “We were going to be a family. We still are.” The only thing about her that was fully covered were her arms.

She grabbed a box and placed it down on the floor right before Sharon’s feet. “Forever ever.” The woman repeated as she pulled out a tiny metal scalpel.

Sharon shivered, feeling the cold more with every passing second and wishing she could hide.

“But the Hunter took him away from us.” Ms Burns actually growled. “He killed him. Killed him, cut off his pretty pretty head. But you, you’re still here. Here, here with me, together, forever. He murdered my Stan, my forever, he murdered my girls, all our beautiful daughters.” She picked up the knife and sliced an incision along Sharon’s arm.”But he didn’t kill you. So so pretty.” The teacher held the blade to her lips and licked off the blood. Sharon shivered, as she remembered the blood on her fangs as they’d tasted their first victim. Then all she felt was pain as Ms Burns suckled on the cut, sipping up her blood.

Sharon tried to back away and started crying. Her heart beat in fear.
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