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Fic: Eat it Twilight (9/16)

Title: Eat it Twilight
Author Name: liliaeth
Artists Name: lightthesparks
Beta: runriggers, just_ruth, faithburke
Summary: The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The unsub's name, Dean Winchester.
Genre: Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover
Warnings: death of children, religious themes, violence
Pairing: not an issue
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't own either, no matter how much I might want to
Notes: Spoilers for s5 of CM and SPN


The team leader, Agent Hotchner or Hotch as Reid called him, had ordered Sam onto one of the barstools before linking his shackles to the metal bar on the counter. For some reason, Sam didn’t think that the man trusted him. Sam looked away from the small group of agents and tried not to pull attention to the small nail he’d managed to pick up earlier while drawing the devil’s traps.

He wasn’t sure what good it’d do him. Even if he got out of the cuffs, which would be the work of less than a minute, as soon as they let him out of sight for more than a few seconds, the feds still wouldn’t let him walk out without a fight. With the demons waiting outside, it’d get them all killed.

He was responsible for enough deaths as it was, no need to add more to the growing list.

Sam took a deep breath and recited at least two different exorcism rituals in his head. He was getting rusty. Not just the months away from Dean, but all the time last year, when he’d used his powers instead of the Latin. It was far too easy to forget the words.

“So how do you kill a demon?”
Reid took the stool next to him. His remaining crutch was leaned up against the rusty and grime filled counter.

“You don’t.” It’s the answer dad always gave. Sam looked down. “You pin them down in a devil’s trap, and then you recite a ritual to send them back to hell. And you pray that the demon’s host is still alive once you get them free.”

Reid seemed curious. It made Sam wonder how the guy could have ended up with the feds, he seemed more of an academic or a nerd, than a federal agent.

“With my powers I could have. Or if I had Ruby’s knife., that would do it too. But I can’t… I haven’t been able to do ..anything since I stopped drinking …ever since Lucifer.”

“What about the knife?”

“Dean had it. I guess the cops have it now. “ Sam shivered a bit, hoping that the knife was still safe. They had so few weapons left, they couldn’t lose the knife as well. “Then there’s the Colt. But the demons took that one. If there’s anything in the world that can kill Lucifer, it’s the Colt.”

“What about vampires?”


“So what about stakes?”

Sam rolled his eyes.“Useless; so is holy water, or crucifixes. None of the legends work. The only thing that harms a vampire is dead man’s blood. It paralyzes them. The only way to kill them is to cut their heads off. The sun just makes them lazy.”

“So when are you going to give me that nail?”

“What nail?” Sam tried to look as impassive as possible.

“The one you’re trying to hide in between your fingers.”

Sam thought about denying it. Reid held out his hand. Sam closed his eyes and handed over the nail. “I wasn’t…”

“I know you weren’t. So what about ghosts?”

Sam just sat there, he didn’t have a clue what to say to that.


“My superiors gave me the honor of looking after Dean. “

“Your superiors? And what did your superiors want with Dean?”

“Dean is the righteous man who shed blood in hell. The prophecy says that the one who begins it is the only one who can end it. Dean is the sword of Michael, his Vessel.” David wondered just what Novak’s definition of the word ‘righteous’ was.

“What happens when all the seals are broken?” If this was some kind of cult, then knowing what they were planning could be important. If this was just some delusion, then well… the same thing.

“The apocalypse.”

Of course, when wasn’t it the end of the world. “So how many seals are left exactly?”


David looked up, “What?”Well that was new at least. Most of these doomsday cults stopped themselves just short from calling on the apocalypse.

“Samuel Winchester broke the final seal, he stared the Apocalypse. Lucifer walks the earth.” Novak’s intensity, if possible, actually increased.

“I must see Dean Winchester. I must bring him to safety or Zachariah will take him to Michael. We must find Sam, before the demons bring him to Lucifer. If Michael gets Dean, Dean will be lost, but if Lucifer finds Sam and gains his consent, all hope for this world, my father’s last true Creation, will be lost.“

Morgan and David shared a look. Novak didn’t even stand up. It was all in the voice and eyes. Somehow he packed a million different meanings in every single word.
Rossi sat still, Morgan didn’t. “Where’s Sharon Miller?”


Emily had just got off yet another call with Camp Dowry. She’d been trying to reach Mrs. Martin for hours, but it was starting to look as if whoever was responsible for the place, had grown tired of giving her the run around, that or they’d left the phone off the hook.

Garcia had sent her what she’d been able to make off the tape from Deputy Stringer’s murder. The static on it had been bad enough to make it almost unusable to get an idea of what Winchester had been up to. Even now, the sound was inaudible except for a few stray words. Most of them coming from Winchester. “Meg”, “Sammy”.

She could be wrong, but it seemed that Winchester was reacting to things the deputy never said. She called up other recent tapes and fastforwarded through Winchester’s stay in his new cell. Getting escorted in, obviously being bored and then talking to someone who wasn’t there.

She pressed play and listened. The static in the prison’s system really was a problem.

“You can’t.” Winchester said. “They’re already gone.” He scoffed at something the voices in his head were telling him. “Why would you?”

Winchester backed up even further against the wall. Not obviously so, but enough to make it clear he was scared of something. “They’re just children, it wasn’t… it wasn’t their fault.”

Winchester jumped up. “You’re wrong! You’re wrong damn it!” He froze in mid motion. “You’re just a bunch of dicks aren’t you! All holy and merciful, when it serves your own purpose. Angel of healing my ass. They’re just children.”

Winchester pulled back, and winced at something. “I had no other choice, they would have kept on killing. I couldn’t…”


“The answer will still be no.” But he seemed more subdued this time, almost as if he had to fight back tears. “It will always be no.”

She zeroed in to the look on his face. He seemed so young and so old at the same time. She’d almost feel sorry for him. She waited for more of the odd behavior before fast forwarding again. Pacing, sitting, an attempt at sleeping and then… she straightened up at as two figures got up to Winchester’s cell. Five minutes ago.

Two of the deputies stood guard at the exits and they started stuttering as soon as she appeared. She didn’t let either of them get a word out before opening the door. She heard them before they saw her.

“So tell me, Dean,” the sheriff stood in front of the cell, a few steps back, he was unarmed, but he pretty much radiated anger. “Why her, why my Sharon. Why her friends?”

Dean sat back in his cell as the lawman stood in the hall. Thank God, Miller hadn’t opened the door of the cells, and there was a second deputy with him. It was all very much in order, very much legit, very much set up so Dean couldn’t get a mistrial, just because the father of one of his ‘victims’ was allowed to beat him up. Aside from the part where Miller had no business being here in the first place.

“The feds, they say you’re a vigilante, that you think you’re a good guy.” Emily got ready to take a step forward. “So why go after a bunch of innocent kids?” The man raised his arm. “And don’t tell me they weren’t children. Don’t you dare tell me that.” The last sentence was hissed and Winchester’s shrug was so melodramatic that Emily could spot it from five feet away.

“Why would you possibly think those children needed killing? Why?”

Dean pulled up one leg, keeping the other on the floor. One hand was on the bunk, the other fiddled with something on his lap. “At the camp, only eight of the girls were put in quarantine.” The sheriff seemed surprised, Emily remembered the word, it had been written on the print out as well. They’d checked up on it then. It was one of many reasons why she needed to talk to Donna Martin.

They’d interrogated every single one of the parents and not one of them had heard a single thing about any of their kids being placed into quarantine. The Kims’ had gone on record to say that if they’d heard about Susan getting sick at camp, they would have driven up and taken her home.

“The files said they had some kind of fever, they needed to be separated from the others. All of the girls were locked away for at least a week. Eight of the girls and one member of the staff. One of the teachers took care of them.”
One of the teachers, that’d be Clarissa Burns. Her name kept coming up.

“I found the chalice she used. The stuff in it smelled like vamp blood. I checked to make sure. Once they drank the blood, they were gone. No way left to save them.”

“You bastard!” Miller took a step forward, grabbing for the bars, it was that moment that Emily took to step forward. The sheriff turned around and looked at her.

Emily didn’t say a word, she just looked between them, Miller almost growled. “He’s got my Sharon.” She knew that that that was all the apology she would ever get out of the man.

Winchester snorted. “You’re insane.” He lowered his head, almost as if he had to convince himself. “If I had your daughter, she’d already be dead.” Emily had to grab Miller’s arm to hold him back. Winchester didn’t seem to get the danger he was in. His voice sounded cold as he continued. “You don’t take risks like that with a vampire, you don’t keep them captive unless you’ve got no other choice. I never took Sharon, I’ve never even seen her. But if I were you, if I saw her next, I’d run. Because by now, she’d have to be pretty damn hungry.”

Emily wondered if she imagined Miller’s wince, the way his hand moved to his side.

“She’s just a girl.” His voice was shaky.

The words struck Winchester and Emily noticed him fiddling with the sleeves of his overall. “I’m sorry. I really am. But she isn’t. She’s a monster, she has killed before and she will kill again. It’s in her nature now.”

“You bastard.” It sounded weak.

“I’m not the bad guy. I’m not the one that forced that blood down her throat. If you want to be angry with someone, then find the bitch that gave them that blood, cause she and her boyfriend, they’re the ones responsible for all of this. “


“I do not know.” It had been his answer for the past half hour.

“Look here, Novak. Sharon Miller is fifteen years old. She’s a little girl, and she’s missing. Your friend Dean, claims he didn’t take her. That leaves us with you. Where is she?”

“I do not know.”

“Yeah, you already said that.”

“Morgan.” David tried to stop him, but Morgan knew they couldn’t let Novak get in on his fantasies again.

“You worry for her?”Novak sounded almost gentle

“Yes, I worry.”

“You couldn’t have saved Daniel.”

Derek froze, what?

“You couldn’t have saved Daniel. Even if you had turned in Carl Buford when you were a child. His death was not your fault.”

The guy’s eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. “

“Daniel is the name of the boy whose grave you visit every year. He lived in Rockford. His mother’s name was Johanna, she died five years ago. She worried for years that her son was in pain, in suffering, unloved. It would have pleased her to know that someone cared for him. But she had to let him go, she couldn’t protect her son from her husband. From her husband’s desires. Daniel ran, only to be offered an out by the one kind of thing that scared him the most. They lived in… ”

Derek raised his hand.“How do you…” How did this guy even know about this. Had he read his file? Winchester researched his jobs, so did he know who they were as soon as the BAU had landed in Garber? Had he known about the murders, about the young boy who’s body he’d found, who’s fate still haunted him to this day?

Novak’s eyes were filled with sympathy, Derek wanted to strangle him for it. For a moment Derek could feel a soft touch inside of his head, inside his heart. He took a step back.

“Stop it!” He was just imagining it, but the way Novak looked at him…

“I am sorry. I should respect your personal space. Dean has talked to me about this.”

“Has he now?”

“We have had many conversations.”

“Look, this isn’t about…” Rossi interrupted. “I don’t know how you found out about… that.” Derek could see from the way the older agent looked at him that he’d probably be asked about it later. “But this is about Sharon. A young girl, who’s missing, who is possibly in danger. Who has a family, a father, brothers, all of whom miss her dearly and want her back.”

Rossi leaned over to Novak.

“Do you understand what that’s like?”

Novak tilted his head.
“I don’t know where she is.” Morgan almost raised his arms in defeat. Damn it. “But there is a woman.” He stopped. “A teacher. She is their mother.” A moment silence. “She must be destroyed.”

Then his eyes turned back to Derek. “The other boy’s name was Jason. He was fourteen years old. He was under the care of his brother, his brother was arrested, Jason ran. “

“How do you know this?”

“Their names and spirits scream loudly from your soul.”


“You are a good man Derek Morgan.”Derek shivered, his hands started to shake. He wasn’t sure which was worse, the fear or the anger coursing through his head. “You did not deserve what was done to you. You are no less in my father’s eyes because of it.”

“I… Shut up!”

“But you are a righteous man, Derek. As is Dean. And it is the woman you seek. The teacher, who is responsible for the children’s condition.”


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