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Fic: Eat it Twilight (7/16)

Title: Eat it Twilight
Author Name: liliaeth
Artists Name: lightthesparks
Beta: runriggers, just_ruth, faithburke
Summary: The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The unsub's name, Dean Winchester.
Genre: Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover
Warnings: death of children, religious themes, violence
Pairing: not an issue
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't own either, no matter how much I might want to
Notes: Spoilers for s5 of CM and SPN


Sam wasn’t even sure what he was doing as he drew a devil’s trap on his thigh while they waited for the car to arrive. Something was off, he just wished he knew what it was. There was a feeling in the air, tension that couldn’t be explained by being surrounded by feds, or the feds impatience because their transport still hadn’t shown up. The pilots and the manager of the airfield had left half an hour ago, leaving them behind in the dark. It hadn’t been raining when they left.

The agents were standing around them, the guy with crutches that they called Doctor Reid had stayed at his side the entire time. He knew he wouldn’t do it, but he wondered how much it’d take to grab the man and threaten to snap his neck in order to make his escape. He wondered if they’d believe he’d do it if he went for it.

Considering that all of them had their hands near their guns, he didn’t have too many doubts about it. The other one, Reid called him Hotch, he was the one to watch out for. Sam was sure he had at least two guns on him.

It was cold for Pennsylvania. Rainy too. Sam had had to struggle through the mud to get to shelter. He heard one of the clones curse his slowness, but what did the man expect from him, with the leg shackles holding him back as they did. Their leader kept an eye on him and the younger agent, making sure that the man’s crutches didn’t slip in one of the puddles. By the time they finally got under a shelter, a rusty old porch, and what was left of an old abandoned diner, he was drenched. They all were. It only worsened everyone’s mood.

He looked up, and stared at the metal plating above his head while his foot rubbed a track through the mud surrounding them. He could hear the rain drumming on the roof and as he closed his eyes, he remembered what the rain had sounded like on the roof of the Impala, with Dean sitting next to him, drumming a Zeppelin solo on the dashboard.

“So why are you going through the effort of bringing me all the way over here?” He tried a second time, hoping beyond hope that he’d have more luck now. “Wouldn’t it have been easier for you guys to just question me back in Oklahoma?”

“Your brother isn’t cooperating.”

What else was new? “So what? You think he’s suddenly going to talk about his feelings when he sees me?” He scoffed at the very idea.

“He’s angry that you left him.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “We both agreed on that. We needed the time apart. He’s the one who wants to make it permanent.”

“Is he?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I told you, he doesn’t trust me.”

“Because of your addiction?”

“Dean thinks that if I see demon blood, that I’m going to fall off the wagon. And I’m not sure if he’s wrong.”

“When you say demon blood, what do you mean?” The older guy asked him.

Reid stood back a bit, letting his superior take the lead. Sam had pretended to be FBI often enough to know how it worked.

“Blood,” he stopped a moment, clearly enunciating the words as if talking to an idiot. “From a demon. As in from a person possessed by a demon.”

“And how did this addiction begin?”

Sam could feel himself start to blush. “She said… it was supposed to be a boost, make my powers work better. All I needed to do was drink some of her blood and it’d make me stronger. She’d cut herself, and then I’d lick it from her wrist, or leg or…And then the more I drank, the more I needed it, needed what she could give me. I tried to stop, but then my powers would fade again, and I’d end up calling her, begging her for more.”

“Who was she?”

“Ruby. Her name was Ruby.” He flashed back to the demon and the way she had looked at him, right before they killed her. She’d seemed so pleased with herself, with the way she’d fooled him. It was as if she expected him to be happy for her, to still be with her afterwards. “While Dean was dead, she, she saved me from other demons and she’d be there for me. I knew she was a demon. I knew I shouldn’t trust her. But Dean was in hell,” Dean was being tortured, every second of every day and he’d been… alone. “and I just… I was so angry. I wanted to kill Lilith and Ruby seemed to understand. She was the only one who did.” He broke off. “She said I needed to train my powers. And at first it was good.” His voice trailed off. “It didn’t work right away. At first some people we tried to save died. But then it started working and I could get the demon out of someone and save his or her life. All I had to do was focus. It felt so good, like I was doing something right.”

The agent looked at him as if he was wondering what to say, what the right words were.

“We travelled together for months, before the angels brought Dean back to life.” He could still feel his amazement at the very idea of something good finally happening to either of them and it showed in his tone. “He was dead for four months. Dead and buried. I buried my own brother, because I kept thinking there’d have to be some way to save him. Some way to get him out of hell. And then four months later, after everything I tried to do to save him, failed. After every deal I offered was refused, after…And he’s standing there in front of the door, looking at me as if he was just out for a beer run.” Sam’s heart broke, just remembering.

“But he looked… he looked so small. It took him months to tell me what had happened to him in the pit. What they did to him.”

“What did they do?”

“They tortured him. They tortured him for thirty years, on end. No rescue, no salvation, no respite.” Endless pain while Sam had been fucking Ruby. “And every night, at the end of it, they’d give him an offer. Tell him that all he had to do to make it end was to get off the rack and start torturing others. He held off for thirty years.”

“Thirty years?”

“Time goes different in hell. Thirty years down under, three months up here, it’s the same thing.” Sam was surprised at how much he was telling the feds, but at the same time it felt good to unburden himself, let the anger, fear, frustration out .... someone to just listen to him without necessarily judging him. Someone who didn’t know just how bad what he’d done really was. “It took another ten years before Cas got him out. And Dean, he blames himself for every single second of those ten years. As if any of it were his own fault. He said no for thirty years, but all he cares about is the one time he said ‘yes’. And then the angels wonder why Dean won’t say ‘yes’ to Michael. You’d think they’d know better. But the only one of the lot of them that isn’t a total dick is Cas.”

Sam sighed. “Dean would barely even talk to me about it.” No chick flick moments. “Ruby, she understood how it frustrated me. The angels would threaten me for using my powers, they’d say I’d be damned for using them. But God, I wanted to be useful, I wanted to be powerful enough to take down Lilith and make her pay for what they did to Dean. For killing him.”

“Even after he was back?” The fed seemed oddly stoic, undisturbed by anything; as if he heard about these kind of things every day. Sam laughed a bit. In this guy’s line of work, he probably did.

“Especially after he got back.” Sam chuckled as if laughing at something only he understood, but the smile wasn’t real. “Dean didn’t understand it either. And then he found out about the demon blood. I disgusted him.”

“He doesn’t even know about the nurse.” That’s when he remembered who he was talking to. This wasn’t Lucifer asking him questions. This wasn’t a dream with no consequences. This was reality and two federal agents who’d use his every word to put him in jail forever. Telling them about her, god, he could barely even think of her name, would be the last nail in locking the door of his cell for all eternity.

Rossi calmly put his gun back in his holster and ordered the others to do the same. He could be wrong, but from the way the man looked into the barrels of a dozen guns, he was convinced the man would let them shoot him before surrendering. It’s almost as if he didn’t see them as a threat.

“Mister Novak. I’m SSA David Rossi. Do you understand what’s going on here?”

“I am not Jimmy Novak.”
The other cops reluctantly lowered their guns, but none of them holstered their weapons.

“Then who are you?” Rossi tried to calm things down before it got even more out of control.

Novak tilted his head and looked at him with an intensity stronger than Rossi had felt in years. His hands relaxed at his sides, as if the man wasn’t aware of what to do with them when he wasn’t using them.
“I am Castiel. I need to see Dean Winchester.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

“You do not understand. If Dean is not allowed to leave here, Zachariah will find him.”

“I am sure we can protect your friend mister … Castiel.” He corrected himself at the last moment.

“You cannot. Zachariah will find Dean, and will bring him to Michael. Were that to occur, Dean would be lost.”

Then Morgan got up, away from the blackboard. “Look, … Castiel. I’m sure we can arrange… something. Let you talk to Dean. If you’d be willing to answer a few questions first. Do you understand that.”

“You will let me see Dean?”

“If you answer our questions first.”

“Then ask.”

Rossi lifted his hand, “Not here, we’ll go sit somewhere more.. comfortable.” Not to mention, not surrounded by cops, and in a place where they actually had recording equipment, all of which was lacking here.

Novak stood quiet, he didn’t twitch, in fact, he looked almost like a statue.

“Just follow me.” Derek said.

Rossi followed right behind them both and he was sure he didn’t imagine Novak’s trench coat moving dramatically, despite a distinct lack of wind.

He’d ended up pacing his new cell, investigating it as thoroughly as he had the last one. There was some new system in place. No one was allowed to get close to him. They even told him to back off and stand against the wall, hands in clear sight at all times, when they brought him food. In a way it was almost gratifying to see how much they apparently respected his abilities. When it wasn’t annoying as hell because it took away yet another chance of him getting away.

This place was boring. So so boring. He wasn’t even allowed any books or magazines out of fear he might do what? Go all Bullseye on them using staples to escape? He was good, he’d be the first to admit that. But he wasn’t ‘that’ good. He really didn’t want them to start playing out Silence of the Lambs and putting him in a full straitjacket along with his very own muzzle.

He felt his fingers start tapping a Led Zeppelin song on the bars.

“Hello Dean.” His eyes opened wide and his mouth shut tightly, as he turned around to find a teenage mutant ninja angel standing in his cell. Raphael, it seemed, was still wearing the same mechanic, in the exact same outfit.

“What? Didn’t feel like frying the entire eastern seaboard today?” Damn.

He wasn’t shaking, yet, but it was hard to control the urge. It took him a second to think of another option, calling someone, hoping it would scare the angel off. Where was the holy oil when you needed it?

“They won’t see me, Dean. Humans only see us, if we want them to.” Raphael smiled, but it was the wrong kind of smile; the kind that made you think of a cat playing with a mouse. Dean was pretty sure he didn’t feel like falling in the Archangel’s trap.

“Good for you.” Dean kept standing. He couldn’t show fear, even if he was shaking in his boots. Would Raphael still be pissed about what Cas had said to him last time? Well, it had been funny.

“So let me guess, you didn’t like to be put in time out.” There was no question in it, neither of them expected an answer. Dean flinched a bit as Raphael came closer.

“I’m not Zachariah, Dean. He’s not my superior.”

“But you are here to get me to Michael.”

“If I have to.”

“The answer is still no.”

“Why are you being so stubborn, Dean?” Raphael stood in front of him. “You don’t have to play strong with me, I won’t be impressed with your mortal pretense of courage. I know you’re scared. Do you think my vessel didn’t feel fear when I asked him for consent.”

“And look what that did to him.”

“He knew it was a sacrifice, he knew there’d be a price and he agreed to it. Do you know why? Because he knew in his heart that it was the right thing to do.”

Dean scoffed at the idea.

“Why would you condemn the entire world, just for the sake of your pride? This world, heaven, you could save it all. Humanity would find paradise and we… we could go home, away from this dust and grime. Away from all this pain and suffering and torment. Why do you want everyone to suffer, Dean?”

Dean almost growled at that. “Because it’s human. And because I know better than to trust your lot. Zachariah taught me that much.”

“Well once again, I’m not Zachariah” Dean was almost sure that he could see the electricity that implied the archangel’s wings. “I know better than to try and change your mind with threats. You’ve never feared death or pain and I’m sure that won’t change any time soon.”

That shouldn’t sound as scary as it did.

“I’m not here to threaten you, I’m here to make you an offer.”


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