Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,


Working on my fic and naturally, adding stuff to previous bits. I tend to do that*g*

Also, and more importantly, I'm picking up my new computer tomorrow. I spent a lot of time yesterday, copying all the files on my C adn K drive to my N drive, so that I don't lose them. And am now bursting with readiness to get the new one.

Sorry old comp, but I think you're pretty close to retirement. I mean seriously, you won't even let me play sims 3 for longer than fifteen minutes before crashing...

The first expansion pack is coming out in a few weeks, and I've barely even been able to play the original game...

That and you won't let me do system repair, which is pretty much what makes the new comp rather urgent. And really, what do you have against defragmentation? It's good for you, not something to keep out of my reach whenever I try it.

Hesitating between emptying old comp and selling it, or asking the store owner to remove the memory, putting it in a box and turning it into another external drive. I always need more of those.

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