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Some short thoughts on Angel 5.12

I really liked that Angel still had that tape with Doyle.
That and his clear love for Cordy, loved their kiss, even though I'm
not a C/A-er.

And oh yes, good to see Spike still there at the end and going out
for a drink with the others, that was a nice change from the norm.
I actually also loved his scene with the videogame, nice to see he
can be a bit juvenile with the thing... though since when can you
play Donkey Kong on an X-box?
Poor Spike, having to find out that his Doyle really was just
playing him... I just hope that he'll keep on helping people

Really liked Lindsey in that fight, almost a shame that he lost, but
ah well. Can't have the bad guy win I guess.(really liked the
effects when the tattoos dissappeared though.)

More thoughts later.
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