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meme stolen from It's a big rock

In God? Definitely
In ghosts? Yes, but not in the white sheet rattlings chains sort.
In aliens? Definitely, not believing that there's life out there just seems too... arrogant
In Bigfoot? Not sure, who knows what sorts of animals are out there that we don't know about yet.
In fairies? Not sure
In ESP? yes
In superstition? some of them, though not completely
In equal rights for gays? Is that even in question?
In equal rights for women? Feminist to the core
In psychics? yes, though not in the ones on tv
In appearance? there's a minimum at least
In auras? Yeah, I think some people just give off vibes.
In true love? Depends, I believe you can love deeply, too deeply at times, but I also believe love is something you have to work on, it's a gift that needs, what's the word here... uh onderhoud.
In happy endings? occasionally
In abortions? It should be a possibility, though not to easy to obtain.
In Santa? I'm a devout follower of Sinterklaas, not Santa
In soulmates? no, wouldn't that be boring?
In magic? Life is magic
In evolution? Definitely
In cloning? It should be treated with utter care, and with full respect to human rights if it ever succeeds.
In fraggles? HUH?
In werewolves? Not really.
In vampires? In the ones on my screen, esp. a certain bleach blond one
In miracles? occasionally
In existing thylacines? Bigger huh
In Nessie? Huge no
In existing dinosaurs? Birds
In interracial marriages? Yes, what does race have to do with love
In adoptions? Yes, family is more than blood
In saving the rainforests? Yes,but I also believe in saving or own forrests and trees, can't put it all on other countries in the hope they keep us breathing.
In saving dying species? yes
In the human race? Occasionally
In recycling? uh yeah
In blue tigers? White, check, orange, check, blue? what paint have you been sniffing
In tattoos? I believe a person should be forced to wait a week at the least before letting someone put one on. they're too hard to get rid off to do on a spontaneous thought
In plastic surgery? only for medical reasons, burn victims, birth deficiencies, things like that
In love in general? yes, what's life worth without it
In animal rights? yes, I just don't think we can stop eating meat, doesn't mean animals don't deserve to be treated with respect and decency
In the death penalty? No, it's a cruel and unusual punishment. As far as I know, the USA is one of the few 'civilized' countries int he world that still does it, and they still have one of the highest crime rates in the world, that ought to tell you something about how death penalty does not work. At all.

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