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Supernatural 5x04

There were loads of things to love about last night's episode, but the one thing, the biggest thing that really hit it for me, and that made my liking of Sam increase a hundred fold... Is that Sam called Dean and told him about Lucifer telling him he's supposed to be his vessel.

It's a stupid thing, I know, but damn it, I love Sam and Dean being so honest to one another. It's just so refreshing after s4.

I know a lot of people were against Sam and Dean separating, and the break up...But I never did. Because there's one thing you can be sure of. The sooner they had the break up, the sooner they were going to get together again.

Just look at s4, they were physically together all season, yet mentally they were a thousand miles apart.This separation in s4, was the thing they needed to get back together in a healthy way and to strengthen their bond, to repair it. And to do it so honestly.

It's a form of growth for both characters and I love that SPN is willing to give us that.

Oh yes, I also loved Dean's disgust with his older self's actions, and that at the end of the ep, he told Sam they needed one another to stay human. That it isn't just Sam needing Dean, but Dean needing Sam as well.

Also, the return of the Croatoan virus, making the previous ep in s2 more meaningful

Though I have to say, Lucifer, really sucktacular fashion sense, he should not take his fashion advice from future Lex, seriously.

I also loved Zach using fringe religious groups as their spies. I love it when the 'bad' guys are intelligent. I love that we don't know if this future is true, or just something Zachariah cooked up to convince Dean.

And oh yes, I also kinda liked that Sam didn't protest when Dean called him the second best hunter in the world. Even though he was probably inwardly rolling his eyes as Dean said it.

PS: I really really hope we won't get tons of fic about Dean wearing women's underwear after this ep; It might be one of Dean's canon kinks, but damn it, I don't want to read about it*grumble*

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