Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Need help with avoiding racefail in fanfic

As I might have mentioned, I'm currently working on a new fic and I was thinking about all the mentions of race fail and how many shows seem to lack black characters. Now I'll be honest, and I'll admit that I don't always notice this until someone brings my attention to it
I'm sorry about that. But I guess it's easy not to notice such things when you're white, part of the majority religion in your home country and not part of the poor. (well not really, I don't have much money, but I have a roof over my head, a well paying job and I can even think about affording a computer, so I guess you could say I'm well off compared to a lot of other people in the world.)

So yeah, I don't always notice it when minorities are lacking in a show I enjoy. (on the other hand, I don't always get a trigger reflex over a lack of (well developed (and not just in the breast area) female characters either. (except in fandom, where I can get seriously annoyed when people hate female characters, often over reasons that they would love them for, if the chars were male)

But that ain't the point. In the fic I'm writing, I'm using several oc's. Now they won't be main characters, the fic is already over populated, being a crossover between Criminal Minds and Supernatural. But... I do need some characters. So I figured that the sheriff of the town, who will be interacting both with Dean and the BAU gang and his daughter will be black. The one problem there might be with this, is that by the end of the fic, the daughter will be dead.
(and before people mention something about killing off the black characters, the girl is one of a group of victims/monsters who will be dead by the end of the fic)

My main problem though is, how to mention that both characters are black without making it feel like I'm painting an arrow saying "see black characters here, yes they're black, really they are!"

I'm really bad at describing how characters look in general. Hell I haven't even mentioned what Derek Morgan looks like, and he's the one CM char that I've focused on the most. The only reason Dean gets described is well... the vampire he's about to kill gets a good look at him*eg*

So uhm, any suggestions?

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