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Supernatural and fic plus bunnies

How was I to know that taking a nice long walk helped against a headcold?

Feeling somewhat better now, still sniffing, and in need of a handkerchief, but my throat is feeling slightly better and my head isn't hurting as much, even without the use of yet another perdolan (aka the that would have been the third today)

So good to know.

Also loving Supernatural this season, can't think of a single of the three eps so far that I didn't like.And yeah, I want to see Sam and Dean kiss and make up (well not so much the kiss, but at least a nice hug would be of the good), but I love Dean making a connection with Castiel. (in fact I like Cas more this season than I did in season four, can't explain why, I just do)

I think I'm also starting to like Dean/Cas fics more. As long as they aren't just fluff or pwp at least. I just really like plotty fics, if I wanted to just read a story about two guys having sex, I could get those in just about any fandom out there. I want to read about Dean, the hunter and Castiel, the rebellious angel. I want to read about them becoming friends. Not just about Dean who is already totally in love with Cas (cause that isn't canon, don't mind him falling for Cas, but if he does, I just really want to see it happen... you know?)

And I want to see fics that deal with Cas coming to understand what he did to Jimmy and how this affects Dean's reactions to him. Especially now that Dean is starting to realize what awaits him if he lets Micheal use him for his vessel.

I mean, I've seen several people posting on how it would have been rape for Sam to sleep with Ruby, because of the girl Ruby was possessing. Yet with Cas, people just seem to write it of as 'Jimmy is dead'

So far I've seen few or no fics dealing with Jimmy's consent or lack of it, if Cas were to sleep with Dean. With Jimmy being married and all that.

I also really would like to see fics dealing with Jimmy's friends and family, how do they react to this 'being' for lack of a better word, that is possessing their loved ones body?

Aren't there any fics that deal with that?
(if I weren't already stuck with a few fics that I really have to finish first, (like say a certain Crossover Big Bang fic) I'd think of writing a fic about Zachariah's vessel. In my mind the poor guy was some kind or gentle pastor, possibly a family man who though the was doing the right thing by allowing an angel to work through him. And then finds out that angelic bureaucracy is as evil as the human kind.And yeah, I know the guy doesn't have to be a christian, but I don't know...

Either that or a fic about the man that was Uriel's vessel, and his thoughts as the angel he let in, murdered several other angels and his feelings on humans... Or you know, just one of Zachariah's underlings. Isn't anyone else kinda interested in these things? Or is that just me?)

Another thing I really would like to see in fics, and this is the hurt/comfort fan in me talking, is fics where Dean for some reason or another has to give in to Micheal, allow the angel to use him as a vessel, and then the aftermath of that as Sam and/or Cas take care of what's left behind of Dean once Micheal leaves.

Or you know, Sam realizing that he can't hold off Lucifer forever, so he decides to summon Zachariah, in the hope that the angels will at least make sure that Lucifer can't get to him. And Dean then having to save Sam from the angels and Lucifer.

(and is it a bad thing that I really really prefer SPN genfic, you know, fics that explore Dean and Sam's brotherly bond, without seeing something romantic in it? I just love family fics.)

Ah well, once I feel better I really need to start writing that post about how SPN is superior to Brand New Day, for many many reasons, but the one coming foremost to my thoughts would be that Kripke manages to let the Winchesters lose battles (and possibly even entire wars) without ever even once, making them look like losers. Even when Sam and Dean lost their dad, allowed the gates of hell to be opened, lost Dean to the Hellhounds and accidentally started the apocalypse, they still never ever looked like losers. When they lose fights, it's because the bad guys are just that smart, that good at looking ahead and manipulating the brothers that it becomes worth it, seeing the Winchesters fight them, because you know, that the Winchesters losses will only make them try harder to do the right thing.

Whereas with BND, they've turned Peter Parker into such a total utter loser that by now, all I want to see him do, is to be shot in the head and then left behind in an alley where his rotten corpse can turn into a Skrull. But I guess that's too much to ask for?


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