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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 53 and Ultimate Spider-Man Requiem

Considering how much I've been complaining about Marvel and Spider-Man in particular lately. (well mostly since BND started) I thought I'd post about something that Marvel is publishing that I actually like, no, a better word is love.

See, I don't like complaining. (yes this might be hard to believe, considering how much of it I seem to be doing the last two years, but I really don't like being negative, why do you think ASM pisses me off so much?)

So back to the positive.

I just read MA: SM 53 and it was awesome. New character Chat and Emma Frost are having fun in New York, well Emma is, by messing with peoples heads and taking advantage of Emma's powers to get people to give them whatever they (well Emma) wants. They end up running into Peter who saves their lives and the both of them get interested in him when Emma reads his thoughts and realizes he's Spider-Man.

It's really a very talky issue. But it becomes worth it, because you see Spidey as he's supposed to be, as the noble, loveable, selfless heroic underdog that he has always been.

USM Requiem has a pretty similar theme in that. It's supposed to be about ultimate Spidey and how Jonah reacts to Spider-Man once he thinks he's dead. The first issue is Jonah realizing the truth that Spidey is a hero, and the second issue is an article he writes as a confession.

And in a way, it reads not just like a eulogy on ultimate Spidey, but as a eulogy on regular universe Spidey as well. In a way these two writers both use very similar themes, someone sees Spidey for the hero he is and reminds us of this.

Now this isn't something I'd want to read every month. But after a year of a half of loserdom in ASM it's nice to see comics that actually remember that Spidey is supposed to be a hero, that he's supposed to be about responsibility. And for that alone, I'd reccommend both these comics to anyone.

PS: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 52 was even better. Spidey helps Spider-Woman stop a bunch of spy guys. They actually got me to like Jessica Drew, which is a very very rare thing to happen where this particular character is concerned.It's like Marvel Adventures manages to turn up the awesome of any character that enters into it. :-)

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