Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I am absolutely and utterly insane.

Yes I am, really...

I just agreed to work an added 18 hours and three quarters for the next three weeks. Replacing a co-worker who has to replace another co-worker at a post that won't allow our company to send in job students. (seems they think the kids won't do the job properly*eg*)

Either way, this means that for the remainder of the month, I'll have to start working at six every morning for every day of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about four hours and a quarter and three hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

This on top of the 35 hours and a quarter, that I do on a regular basis

A full total of 54 hours, for three weeks spread over six days per week.

I think afterwards I'm going to need to lay down and sleep for at least a day, hope no one minds if I do so?

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