Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Hoping for someone to draw me a specific Spidey scene

I don't know, I've been wondering. Is there any way to get a piece of art made for me, that wouldn't cost money?

Yeah, I know, people have to put effort into it, I understand that. (I just no longer have a visa card so I can't pay for art)

I'm willing to pay with fic, icons, photoshopped art, anything, except cash.

The piece I'm hoping to get would have Peter Parker and Mary Jane, walking thorugh New York, right after Spidey was unmasked. With maybe some hints in the background of people staring at them, (maybe a newspaper showing Peter's face over his Spider-Man costume...

Some kid maybe getting ready to ask for Peter's autograph, anything to show that people now know who he is...

(yes I'm demanding... I just feel that Marvel never really gave us a scene of people, regular people, reacting to Peter being Spidey. The only one that gave us something close to it, was Peter David in FNS, and those were people specifically protesting against him for being their kid's teacher. I'd just have wanted to see how people reacted to him if they meet him on the street)

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