Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I finally watched Wolverine Origins

I'm almost ashamed to admit this, considering how many people on my f-list seemed to hate the movie, but uhm

I actually loved watching Wolverine Origins. And I don't even like Wolverine!!!!

I loved the bond between Victor and Logan, I loved the way they played Wade. (except for the ending, I could have done without him getting turned into Mimic) I loved Wraith, Blob, Zero, Bradley (that's his name right, wasn't sure)

I loved the way it used Stryker and even Gambit. (another character I normally am rather indifferent about)

I can't believe that this movie actually made me like Wade Wilson, seriously...

I liked Scott and the way he looked with the girl that I think was supposed to be Emma. They only had a few scenes together, and he already looked better with her than he ever did with Jean Grey.
(could have used more Scott, but then I think the same thing about the X-men movies, since Scott is one of my fave mutant characters ever)

So uhm, anyone want to explain to me, why so many people seemed to hate the movie?

(and yes I do get the anger about what happened to Wade at the end, but it seems to me they were already repairing some of that in the scene after the credits)

(and no, don't go nagging me about plotholes, I'm sure they were there, but the characters and the action were interesting enough to me, to let me overlook them. I'm easy that way. I only care about plotholes when the movie/series/book/... drags or when the chars suck so much that they force me to notice them)

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