Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,


My vacation started today. I spent yesterday, trying to get my replacement ready for work on monday, esp. in concern to the polishing. Kept an eye on her as she was polishing the floor yesterday. At least by the end she had some control over the machine, and it looked somewhat decent. (not perfect, but what can you expect from the girl's first attempt?)

Just hoping the Lauder's won't notice anything wrong, they're the American family that owns the company I clean at and they're planned to make a visit to the factory on Wednesday. (one of those annoying things that you don't plan for when you set up your vacation *grumble*)

Anyway, today my aunt has a barbecue for the entire family. So I arranged with my mom, that I'm leaving to her place today. She'll get my sister and me to my brother's on sunday. And Maarten will be dropping us off at the airport on monday morning. Where we will then leave towards England, and where we'll either take a cab, or Nele's partner, Warren will pick us up. And then ... vacation in England for a week,..

I'm really excited at the moment :-)

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