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Fic: Who will defend the kittens(1/1), Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It's been a while since I've written a Buffyverse fic, but why not right?

Title: Who will defend the kittens
Author: Lore
Recipient: ryf/yviwriting
Fandom: Buffy
Characters: Faith, Spike, Anya
Spoilers:up to s7 of Buffy and s5 of Angel
Warnings: End of the world, death of major characters
Summary: Who is the monster in a world without humans
Beta: Thanks to Pendown and fullmetalcute for giving it a quick look over and spikes_heart for the full beta

When the world ended, the only ones left were Faith, Spike and the cockroaches. Well them, most other animals and a few millions of demons spread across the globe. Faith didn’t know how she’d survived, she didn’t know what had happened. There was no reason she should.

Figures, they’d stopped a hundred apocalypses, yet the one that slipped by them all, managed to kill every last human on the planet. All, except for Faith.

Oh there were a few half humans left, demons with some human heritage in their veins. (and not just because of eating them) Most of them did everything they could to hide what little humanity they had left inside of them; just as they’d once fought to hide their demon blood in the days before.

Most demons never even knew what happened. One day things were as they had been for as long as their race remembered, the next…

Those first days were filled with celebrations, demons coming out and proud, no longer forced to hide in the shadows, retaking the world as their own. And then one demon looked at another and asked the big question. “What about dinner?”

Not all of them had fed on humans. Only a few races survived purely on human flesh, souls or other bodyparts, but many of the ones that didn’t had assimilated. Buying their food from humans with their farms and factories.

Hospitals were ravaged by demons desperate for human blood. There was few or none of it little left, most had evaporated, just as humanity itself had. Graves were dug out up; all that was in them left were bones and hair. Even in the fresh ones.

It took a few days, weeks, before some more enterprising demons took up farming. Many of them found it beneath their notice, the ones that didn’t, thrived in this new era. They settled in human homes instead of sewers, caves and crypts. Their young, their spawn and their fledglings were sent to schools that had once been home to human young. Hospitals homed housed colonies, while all over the world young demons looked at the sun for the first time in their lives and played in puddles and gardens.

“So you’re a genie.” The girl had asked her on that day when the world ended. Anyanka had enjoyed her return to life. Blessed be D’Hoffryn for giving her another chance. She had been his favorite once.

The demon had nodded and smiled at the girl. She had needed to fill her quota, and if they were going to make it easy on her.

The girl had stared at all her fat, the few inches of it that little extra she had. Such a pity. Humans - so easily displeased with themselves. Not that they were all that much to look at.
“Sometimes I wish that all of this, waste, could just fly off and fade away like it was never there.”

Anya had been so pleased with herself as she turned back and said the word. “Done.”
And then she just sat back and looked at it all, at the world she’d created and she grabbed her handkerchief, blew her nose and started sobbing about the perfectly made margarita she might now never taste again as the bartender’s flesh crumbled to dust..

Faith on the other hand, wasn’t there for that part. She was too busy at the time patching up a souled vampire. It wasn’t an easy job to keep him from turning to dust after a poisoned stake had been driven in his chest. Buffy had been desperate to save him, but too weak from the battle to take care of her boytoy herself. Not when the cure was Slayer blood. So what can a girl do? Faith had volunteered.

“Sure.” She’d said. “Not a big thing.” She’d grinned at Spike, making sure to gave him a good look over that made Buffy look as if she was about to explode. The blond Slayer obviously struggled, between her jealousy and the need to save her boyfriend.
“So all I need to do is spend two days in a magically protected airtight room with blondie over here, so he can put his teeth in my delicious flesh and taste me as much as he needs to. Not a problem.” Of course it had to be done in a locked off room. All because the poison would react badly to any magic and they couldn’t risk that, now could they.

Giles locked the room from the outside so no demon could get in to kill them. And no morons with pretensions of Watcherhood, could come to open the door and check up on their hero. The watcher had volunteered as well. Probably because he wouldn’t stop Faith from Staking Spike if he was too far gone and Faith suspected, because he was really really hoping for Andrew to make the mistake of coming down.

When Faith had finally unlocked the door on the fourth day, after her last donut was nothing more than a bunch of crumbs, she left a feverish Spike on his bed in the closed off room and found a clean skeleton dressed in Giles clothes reading one of Giles’ books. The skeleton crumbled when she touched it.

He hadn’t even had enough time to drop the book. That’s Giles for you, death, flesheating whatevers, but you can’t be careless with books, except after some silly slayer accidentally wrecks it. Faith knelt down and picked up the book and held it for a minute before putting it back down on the ground. Somewhere that it would be safe. It was just a novel, not even some magic book or anything.

Faith was glad she could feel the stake in the back of her pantsat her waistband, as she headed up the stairs. The gang was all there. Buffy was lying down on the couch. Faith recognized her skeleton by the shirt she'd worn. It was one that Buffy had bought only the week before. The one that had made her say she’d kill anyone, a certain former key in particular, if they even considered touching it. Faith didn’t even like the look of it, but she’d been planning for a way to ‘borrow’ it anyway. She didn’t notice any blood in the white bandages around Buffy’s arms and ribs.

Dawn sat in front of her laptop. Faith touched the mouse. Dawn’s essay on Mesopotamian cultures popped up on the screen.

Xander had been playing Wii with Andrew. The TV showed the game’s final message.
“You’ve died, would you like to play again?” Faith swallowed as she ended the repeat and let the screen go to black. She sat on an empty chair, grabbed an apple out of one of the grocery bags on the table and started chewing. A burst of pain flinched through her teeth. She’d been planning to go see a dentist for a week now. Her mouth was slightly open and she just sat there. She wouldn’t shake, she wouldn’t cry. They weren’t her friends. They weren’t! She had to get herself together, find out what was going on, warn someone.

She couldn’t understand why no one had come by yet.

When she got back downstairs, Spike had managed to get up. He sat up and was lacing his boots. Faith didn’t know what to tell him. So she didn’t, let him find out on his own. Nobody had told her. She sat down on the bed, finally lying down her head on the pillow that was still soggy with Spike’s sweat. He was a vampire; it wasn’t natural for them to sweat, was it? Damn poison. She could hear something crashing upstairs. It was impossible to fall asleep. Her mouth hurt too much. She didn’t even notice he hadn’t returned until she finally looked up at the clock and realized that over an hour had passed.

She forced herself back up the stairs. The vampire had a cellphone in his hands.
“Nobody’s answering.” He sounded tired. “I tried Clem’s place, but he’s not picking up.”

Faith looked away, right at Buffy’s body that was now tucked in as if she was simply sleeping. You know, if she wasn’t a gleaming skeleton barely held together by her clothes. An empty eye socket looked back at Faith as if to mock her.

“What about outside?”

“Don’t know, now do I? I was waiting for bloody sunset to come down already.” Faith looked outside and at the blinds in front of the windows. Spike started zapping through the tv channels. Most of them were empty; some showed the sets of talkshows with both guests and hosts lying dead in their chairs. It wasn’t until the tenth channel that they hit something that wasn’t either static or a dead stage.

Two demons sat behind a desk in a news studio. They spoke in some demon language that Faith didn’t recognize. From the way Spike turned to it, he obviously did.

Faith tried not to think about Robin, or what he’d been doing when it happened. She’d talked to him only five days ago. It didn’t matter, he was gone. Just like everyone else she’d ever cared about.

She tried to call Angel, but all she got was his answering device. What were they supposed to do, leave a message when they didn’t even know how long the cell phone towers would still be active?

It took a couple more hours before the sun went down and the two of them could leave. Faith tried not to notice that Spike was still limping. He was a big tough vampire, he could handle it, and if he didn’t…she deeply tried to force herself to believe that she didn’t need him. Even if he was the only one left.

They met several demons as the car passed through the city. Demon families sat out on the stairs, chatting, Faith had to stop herself when she noticed some young demons hunting after something. She’d been about ready to grab for the scythe when she realized that they’d been hunting a bunch of cats.

But she couldn’t risk herself like that. There were just too many demons out and about, and she was only one slayer. And then of course Spike had to be an idiot and go save the cats.

Faith crossed her arms and glared at him as he petted one of the kittens.
“It’s what Buffy would have done.” The other three ran off.

The one Spike held on to was purring. Faith had no idea how long they’d survive. It wasn’t her business. She still wished them the best of luck. Poor cats, they still wore their collars, a small name tag had been visible.

It took her a few minutes walking to realize that Spike still had the last of the kittens sitting in his pocket. She glared at him, but he didn’t even look away. The kitten was still purring.

The dark awaited them, her, Spike and the kitten and meanwhile the demons sat out in the streets living their life, thinking the nightmare wasn’t real. After all, who’d fear a slayer now?

Apparently not even a small kitten who purred as she petted it.


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