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My thoughts on Soul purpose

I liked it.
I did, which is odd, since I haven't liked a lot of the eps this
season. (which is weird since I usually love more lone standing eps,
and hate the arc ones ;-) )

For the first time since long I really enjoyed the episode.
I loved the Spike scenes. Spike telling off the dumb alley walking
girl was a comic highlight... Not to mention, he was right. Better
to tell her off and stop her from ever doing it again, than to just
save her, so she can repeat the same mistake over and over again,
till someone or something does get his/its hands or paws on her.

I loved how he refused to go back to W&H with Wes and Gunn, who were
oddly similiar to mafia men going in against a competitor.
I loved how he instantly saw through them, and guessed that they
weren't there with Angel's approval.

Gunn and Wesley were creepy in the way they coldheartedly discussed
that Warlocks death, it almost seemed to fit in the pure pragmatisme
that Wolfram and Heart had before Angel took over as CEO.
A clear sign, that even though they're still fighting the good
fight, they're definitely getting corrupted.

It was nice to see Lorne actually getting used for a change, and him
giving credit to Spike, nice to see Spike get credit for something
for once.

Fred... liked her scene with the dissection. Very funny, nice bear...

Eve... I actually liked her scene with Lindsey, she seemed less...
annoying while she was with him. The fact that Lindsey wasn't all
that interested in her, might have something to do with that.

And Lindsey... So nice to see a guy smaller than Spike for a
change ;-)

Now about Angel. I understand the whole feeling empty bit and the
wanting to matter, but the thing is, this felt to me too much like
an attempt to make us feel for him. To make us worry that he'll lose
his importance, that he won't be so special no more... bla bla bla...
Thing is, Angel's been told since the first season on, how special
he is, how important he is... he's currently running Wolfram and
Hart based on how important the Senior Partners think he is...
So in the end his little "Oh I don't matter"-fest to me rang false.

See, no matter what Angel may fear, his friends still choose him,
they're still his friends. We know since it's his show, that no
matter what, he'll be the eventual winner.
So what is there to fear?
Why should we feel for him?

To be honest, Angel needs to learn humility, he needs to learn to
share; while Spike urgently needs to have people show him how truly
important he is, and not just when they're trying to pull his
strings. Spike is in desperate need of a purpose, just see how
easily he goes for Lindsey's scheme, even while still distrusting
him. And how pissed off he was at Lindsey's nonsense that he'd so
far only done good things to impress women...

Then again, that is just my opinion.


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