Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Looking for a Supernatural beta/writing buddy

Well I've gotten into Supernatural lately and am thinking of writing my first Supernatural fic. Nothing too long (or so I hope), but still...

The only problem is that my usual talking buddy isn't really into the series yet. (I'm working on it)

So anyone out there that wouldn't mind talking to me about this fic I'm writing? That and help me beta it when and if it gets finished?

Fic would be set in s3, I just had this weird idea after watching Jus in Bello for about the fifth time, of what would have happened if Lilith hadn't ordered a hit on the Winchester brothers while Henrickson had them in custody.

Thinking that in canon, she didn't want them truly locked up because she still needed them, since the plan was always to use Sam to open the last seal so.. (which is the main reason I'm thinking she sent Ruby to Sam, esp. in Jus in Bello, where Ruby had to test them and....)

Not that that really matters or does it? hmm

Anyway, what if Henrickson hadn't reached his boss at the FBI and had just gone on with his plan to transport Dean and Sam to Supermax as intended. Just got this idea in my head of Dean in Supermax with the time on his deal slowly decreasing until the Hell Hounds come to get him. Might even have Henrickson investigating after Dean dies, hmmm

Just thinking how it would affect Sam to know he can't save his brother and what Lilith would do with both of them locked up. (it probably won't get that far, since the prison scene's the main thing, but... hmmm, Castiel coming to get Sam after Dean's freed from hell...Oh come on, Dean would sooooo insist on it*eg*)

Just saying loads of ideas, just need someone to talk it over before I can get started.

Anyone want to talk, I'm always reachable as lilithdemonmom on aim

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