Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Spider-Man kink meme

You know, I was looking at the Tony Stark Kink meme and I figured, we need one for Peter...

Now I'm not sure how to do one of these, and I'd love it if people helped me advertise this, but...

All prompts and responses can be anonymous, but don't have to be. All pairings, kinks, ideas are allowed, nothing's really forbidden, the only rule is, Peter Parker has to be a part of the pairing.

So who wants to play?

The Rules:

-You can post a prompt while logged in or anonymously, whatever you're comfortable with.

-Reply to comment with filled prompt. Fic and art are both more than welcome.

-Please keep all prompts in seperate posts so that its easy for everyone to find what they're looking for.

-Anyone can answer a prompt and prompts can be answered multiple times

-Do not judge/make fun or/be rude about anyone else's kinks or pairings. This is supposed to be fun for everyone!

PS: for the record, I'm off the opinion that kinkfic doesn't have to be sexual, yeah, I know most prompts will be, but they don't have to involve sex, not if you got some other idea that you really want to see. Maybe a meeting between two characters, maybe simply a sweet moment with Peter... if you want to see it, if it's your 'kink' then simply ask for it :-)

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