Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Doctor Who Special: Planet of the Death

I don't get it, I really don't...

I loved this episode, I totally and utterly did. From the way the Doctor behaved, to Christina, to the passengers on the bus, to the two poor fly guys, to the new Unit captain and Malcolm. I loved the way every character was portrayed and the only thing I didn't like was that the two poor fly guys died.

Yet I see people complaining about the episode, and I utterly don't understand what was supposed to be wrong about it.

Some people nagged about the seer woman on the bus being a stereotype, and I don't understand that either.

Sometimes it seems like people complain whatever RTD does. When he doesn't use (enough) characters of color, they complain. When he does use them, they complain, when he makes one a companion, they complain. I mean, Captain Mugambo was obviously a strong new char in the lines of Harriet Jones and that brigadier guy that everyone seems to love. None of the characters that died were black. There were four major characters of color in the episode, all of whom were as capable and intelligent as the white characters. None of them seemed like stereotypes to me. None of them whined, beyond what is normally expected of anyone in their situation.

The elderly couple was friendly, relatable, and I liked her being a psychic. (it's not like she's the first char in the new Doctor Who shown to have that ability.)

So what are people complaining about this time? Cause I sure as hell don't get it.

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