Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner

I've been reading old Green Lantern issues (aka from his first appearance to curently up to issue 95) and well loving Kyle Rayner, but I seem to keep running into the same problem. Over and over and over again. It's almost like every other issue, there's a crossover with some other comic, with the story starting in one and continuing in the other... It's annoying as hell, because I keep missing out on half the issue.

Is this a nineties thing? Maybe it's because I used to read the dutch version of Spider-Man, and they just printed the full story, but... I'm just getting pissed off to see a gueststar appearing, because it seems to mean, that I'm once again, not going to get a full story.

It's bad enough with all the events, but when you do a Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up, and you make the central part of it be about Kyle looking for his father, can you then at least put the final part where the guy turns out not to be his dad, in Green Lantern's half of the crossover? You know, since as a big moment, it is something that matters to Kyle?

I love inter issue continuity, I love shared universes. But I do prefer guest star issues to be limited to one book so you don't miss out on half the issue, because the other half is in some book you haven't got yet.
(and I got burned getting those Titans issues already, considering how much those sucked, not sure if I want to start looking for Green Arrow or Superboy issues, just to read a few more scenes with Kyle in them.

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