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Behind Closed Doors

What happens when the lights on the screen go out. What do they do when we aren't watching.
What happens

Behind Closed Doors

Angel the Series as we won't get to see them on the WB.

*In line with on screen canon (following the episodes as they come)

*Both slash and het pairings allowed (adult ratings allowed) as canon will allow us to play it.


*As few as possible Original characters.

*No charbashing. (all chars must be played by someone who at least is willing to respect the char they're playing, taking a char just to humiliate him or her is not allowed)

*Crossovers are for the moment not allowed (Buffy chars may be
allowed, but only as they'd fit in on Angel without going against onscreen canon)

Behind Closed Doors is still looking for players for most of the primary Angel characters.
Char requests can be sent to
Currently the only chars already taken are Spike and Wesley, all other chars are still free for the picking.

The game will be played completely on livejournal and comments from bypassers and readers are not only allowed but encouraged.

Once again, you can find the group at :


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