Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I have a problem. A major one.

I like Smallville crossovers.

So what's the problem you'd ask?

It's the same one that's keeping me from reading most Buffy crossovers. The overuse of one char as the major crossover character in over half of the stories.

Don't get me wrong, I like Chloe, I'm not a Chloe hater, but... like with Buffy fics where Xander has become the de facto crossover char in over 50% of the fics, I am seriously, more than a bit getting annoyed with seeing Chloe used in over half the crossovers with Smallville.

By now I want to see crossovers focusing on Clark, or Buffy, on Lex or Spike, stories focused on characters who are more than an easy entry point into the verse...

Is that so much to ask?

Anyone pretty please have a Smallville crossover where Chloe isn't the main character? (and if it's slash, please a fic where not all pairings are male/male and F/F, you know, fics where not all the characters suddenly turn gay all at once. I rather get bored with those as well.

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