Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Spider-Man and the Human Torch in Bahia de los Muertos.

I honestly don't get why they even put Spider-Man in this issue. Not only did they make Spidey reluctant to even help out Johnny. In fact, throughout most of the issue, Peter behaves pretty much like Johnny would. He's nothing more than comic relief. And bad comic relief at that.

He's not allowed to be intelligent, not allowed to in any way solve the problem. All he's there for is to give Johnny something to talk to, and use, so that Johnny can come out looking smart and capable. Hell, if he'd just borrowed Johnny his webshooters, he wouldn't have even needed to be there at all. (and don't even get me started on the writer once again, nagging about the cost of webbing. Four web cartridges do not cost enough to be worth a months paycheck. The guy used to cary over a dozen of them in the past. And no recession is NOT that bad. No matter what Quesada likes to claim.

I don't mind an issue focusing on Johnny. And giving him a boost, but the least they should then do, is allow Spider-Man some competence as well. But nope, can't have any of that.

And it's not like there aren't any moments where they can highlight that Peter is normally the smart one. Just take out the moment where Johnny gets information from Reed, and have Peter be the one coming up with that stuff. And in one moment you make Peter look better, without taking away any of Johnny's accomplishments.

Don't want Spidey to go along with Johnny to quickly? Then why not, instead of having him nag because he wants to play a video game, have him complain because he has to work and earn money to pay his rent, or you know, because he's busy with something as Spider-Man? Instant, make Peter look better moment. But nope, what we get instead are moments that make Spider-Man look like an immature jerk who doesn't care about anyone or anything.

Typical BND bullshit. To avoid, unless you're just a Human Torch fan and don't really care for Spider-Man.

This issue would have been soooo much better if they'd used the Thing instead of Spidey as Johnny's back up.

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