Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I've been sick since Wednesday, (well Tuesday actually, since I couldn't even finish my post for comistore_news due to having too much of a headache and then oversleeping in the morning), achy throat, stomach hurting, the whole deal. Bad enough to get me to go to the doctor, which I can tell you now, does NOT happen easily.

In fact in the three years and more that I've been working for cleaning I've taken a grand total of three sick days. Two of which were this week.

But this time I couldn't focus on work, I was coughing slime and my headache went beyond anything a perdonal could cure, so I decided to head for a doctor instead.

Two days sick.

Last time I was lucky, in that my getting sick fell right before I had a day off, so I only had to take one sickday, this time I wasn't that lucky.

Had to go back to work this morning, which btw was not a good idea. Maybe I should have asked for one more day...

But ah well, they always have trouble finding replacements for saturday work and I didn't want to leave either the firm, or the place I clean at without a cleaner so... Managed to do the work, let's keep it at that, then went home, went to bed and tried to sleep for a few more hours, emphasis on tried. Ever tried to sleep when you're coughing the entire time? It is not an easy thing to do, I can tell you that. But at least my throat doesn't hurt each time I cough or whenever I swallowed anything, so I'll see that as an improvement. In fact, I was even able to actually eat something and finish it, which is definite improvement.

I guess I'm just lucky that Drusilla has been rather patient with me the past few days and has been faithfully keeping me company. Sure part of that is reminding me when her foodtray is empty, but not all the time.

In short, still sickish, still not in top form, love my cat.

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