Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I found a link to this site through ontd_political

And I started typing this response on their feedback form.

I was directed to this site by a friend who told me about how ridiculous your claims were. So I decided to check out her opinions for myself.

I had to agree with her entirely.

Honestly this site is scary, and not for the reasons that you would like to pretend it is.

The hate, intollerance, unreasonable fear and sheer unchristianity of it all disgusts me to the core.

I live in a country where gays have been allowed to marry for several years now. Gay couples have legal rights to adopt and are treated equally to everyone else.

Guess what, it didn't ruin society, it didn't in any way harm heterosexual marriage. It had no impact whatsoever on the lives of non homosexuals, other than having people attend their family member's or friends marriages to people of their own gender.

In short, it has only had positive effects both on society and the people in it.

As such, I fear that I'm going to have to mock this site and make sure that people know about the nonsense you're forcing through peoples throat

So that they are armed against the hate and fear you try to spread. Hate and fear placed in your hearts by the devil.You sir, or madam, are spreading the word of the devil, the word of hate. As a good christian I cannot in any way or how condone homophobia or any other sort of hatred.

Please for the sake of your soul, open your mind and heart for love and turn against the hatred that the devil is placing inside you and your children The hatred that you indoctrinate your children with.

I am not gay myself, but my brother is and I assure you, he is a better man by far, than the people behind this site could ever hope to be.

Wondering now if I should just go ahead and submit the response or restrain myself. I don't like giving hate mongers like these my email adress, but if I do respond, I won't do it anonymous.

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