Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Movies (Slumdog Millionaire, First Daughter and Aquamarine)

Having had some free time, I got to watch a few movies.

The first one was Slumdog Millionaire. Any description I could give of it, wouldn't do the movie justice. It's Beautiful and harsh and lovely and grace in the worst of poverty. It's about an honest boy who keeps his head tall in the worst of situations and keeps going all for the sake of love. And who at the end of the movie gets the happy ending that he rightfully deserves.

The music in this movie is amazing and the casting is nigh perfect. The kid actors simply break your heart and the adults are pretty good too. It's still in the theatres or so I think, and is worth every penny.

The other two movies are ones I rented last night.

First Daughter was cute and fun. Mindless romantic comedy stuff about the daughter of the president who just wants to go to college and be treated as a regular girl. Sweet, with a fun lead, and Marc Blucas does pretty well as the boyfriend.

But the one other movie that I really liked is calld Aquamarine.It's about two young girls, with a crush on the lifeguard who are sad because one of the two girls is moving to Australia in a few days. When they find a mermaid who's washed on land during a storm, they promise to help her in exchange for a wish. It's sweet, a bit sacharine, but much better than I expected when I rented it.

The thing I love the most about it, is that even though it's a romantic comedy, it doesn't end with the mermaid finding her true love and giving up on everything else. Instead when she asks the boy in question, he honestly answers that he can't say yet wether or not he loves her. They've only just met after all and though he likes her a lot and would love to take her on more dates to get to know her better. He can't commit to anything more than that. I loved that, and that Aqua's proof of the existance of love doesn't come from a crush on a guy she barely just met, but from her friendship with the two girls who are willing to do everything to help her.

I also loved that the creepy looking guy in the movie isn't the bad guy, but is just a nice misunderstood man, who just wanted some friendship of his own... What? I have a soft spot for things like that.

For a teen movie, this was really sweet and I loved it.

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