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I need a better review com for Merlin. I really like this show, but the lj com I'm on to read reviews of the show seems to be mostly filled with people who just want to squee about the Merlin/Arthur rather than look deeper into the show itself, the themes or you know, any of those fun review things I've gotten used to after years of thorough and in depth reviews of shows like Buffy, Angel or Doctor Who.

Am I really the only person who wants more out of a Merlin review than a constant repeat of how text the subtext is, or how Arthur and Merlin are so made for one another?

And I don't just mean a list of reasons as to why Gwen and Morgana (switch with whatever other pairing you feel like) are soooo made for one another.

I want to hear about Nimue and Uther (and not just about how hot they are, we already know that, no reason to state the obvious). I want to know about the symbolism, I want to see comparisons with the actual myth. (and not just complaints about how the series deviates from the actual legends, we already know that as well.

I just want someone to look at the deeper meaning, (aside of the gay) and about what the dragon wants from Merlin, or wether or not Uther is right or wrong, ... things like that.

There's so much to talk about in regards to this show. So please tell me why almost all the reviews I see are about Arthur/Merlin forever?

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