Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Industrial Sabotage!!!!

Sometimes I really really don't get people.

Yesterday when I arrived at work after having a free day on tuesday, I checked the log book. We do this since it helps me check if my replacements did the work asked of them or not and I have to sign in when I arrive.

They mentioned they couldn't wax the floor because the waxing machine had no plug.

Turns out that someone actually cut the plug of my machine off of the wire.

Let me repeated that, someone actually cut the plug of my machine off of the wire.

Why in Gods good name would anyone do that?

My inspector from Cleaning said it might be one of the construction people working outside at the factory who needed a plug, but seriously, why wouldn't anyone cut a plug off off a machine if they needed one. Aren't there easier and much less destructive ways to get a plug than to destroy someone elses tools?

(Plug's the right word right? the thing you plug into the socket to give the machine electricity so it can work?)

Funny thing is, once I went to the technical service, they luckily managed to repair my machine, leaving me with a shorter cord, which can end up being annoying later on. But which leaves me once again with the question why anyone would destroy someone elses tool, when if they needed a plug themselves, they could have just asked for one.

Is that so hard an idea to even consider?

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