Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Turnhout Couple starts a facebook movement to get married on a saturday

It's funny really. In the US people are fighting, just for the right to get married and then I read a newspaper last Thursday and there was this article that just made it hit me, how easily you get used to things.

A couple in a nearby city (well probably a town by American standards), were trying to organize a small protest to be allowed to marry on Saturday. Apparently unlike most other cities, the place they lived in doesn't perform marriages on Saturday. Something to do with the market and problems with traffic.

Now this couple had met on the fifth of September and they had this romantic idea of marrying on that day, which just happens to be on a Saturday. Now since this couple isn't going to get married in church, the only bit moment for them to come out in front of their friends as a married couple is when they're leaving town's hall. So naturally, they'd prefer that to be on a Saturday, so that all said friends can be there, instead of having to work.

And it just hit me, this couple who looked very cute in the picture of them, would not even be allowed to get married in most of the US. Yet here in Belgium, it's so accepted for them to get married that they can actually bitch a bit about the day they want their marriage on*eg*
Cause hey, if you do get married, you might as well make it as meaningful and romantic as you can, right?

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