Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dear yuletide writer

Hey and thanks in advance for whatever you're willing to write. As you might have noticed from the requests, I'm a big Spidey fan.

Movie, comics, animated series, long as it has Spidey, I'm into it.

(except for Brand New Day and One More Day. As far as I'm concerned, the only time Peter Parker has appeared in the regular marvel universe since Sensational Spider-Man 41 was in Invincible Iron Man 7,and possibly New Avengers, anything else is an impostor or a Skrull doing a really really bad job at pretending to be Peter or Spider-Man. Either that or Mephisto took Peter's soul along with his marriage. )

Negatives aside. I'm into gen, het and slash, but with the added fact, that I like my slashy Pete to respect MJ. I love Peter/MJ so though I love Peter slashed with just about anyone, I hate to see MJ insulted or mischaracterized in any way. But then again, I hate characterbashing in general. I love both aunt May and Jonah, but would preferably not see any sex between them, in case you were wondering.

I really like gen fics, that focus on relationship, adventure, redemption, heroism and so on. I like the effects of the supernatural on regular people, or regular humanity on superhuman people. And slash fics that focus on hurt/comfort and personal moments, rather than just on sex.

In short I love Spidey's inhumanity, because it makes him more human. I love use of the supporting cast and I like stories that focus on more than just sex.

I loved the unmasking and think it's a real shame that it was wiped out way too fast. And I like seeing how the characters deal with weirdness.

Though admittedly, I have a huge kink for non-con, esp. where Norman/Peter is concerned. Though I totally understand if that isn't your cup of tea.

And oh yes, I really really love Luke Cage. Iron Fist is OK, but Luke is the man. And I adored his friendship with Peter in New Avengers. I'm fine with them slashed, but I like them as friends even more. I just love the similarities between them.

Anyway, if none of that helps in writing, just keep in mind that you can forget all that as long as you remember two things. BND sucks and MJ rules.

Aside of that, you can go crazy ;-)

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