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I'm just so sick and tired of seeing Peter fail at anything he does, all the time, all the way, often for no reason other than a cheap laugh or Quesada's stance of 'isn't he such a loveable loser'.

He's not a lovable loser, he's a Loser, plain and simple. He's not allowed any real victories, whatsoever.

I just Amazing Spider-Man family 2 and the only new bit worth reading in that entire issue, was the Mr and Mrs Spider-Man bit, because it was the only part of the comic that felt like Spider-Man to me.

When will these writers stop their one note writing, where Peter Parker is actually allowed to be a hero again, instead of being made to look like a loser at just about anything.

It used to be that sure you got your occasional story of Spidey failing at something. But they were a one in a dozen story kind of thing. Set in between moments of Spidey being bad ass or helping people.

But now, it's like every story has to have a center point of Peter Parker failing at one thing or another or basically failing at everything. Any good thing that he's ever done in the past is made to look like 'well it might have looked good then, but really, this is why it was bad'

It's ...

It used to be that Spider-Man was about responsibility, about living up to your responsibilities, about doing the right thing, no matter how difficult it made life for you, or how many sacrifices you had to make. But now... all that is a faded picture of the past that Mister Quesada seems to want thrown out as fast as possible. Because in his one note idea of Spider-Man, all the character about is :"A guy who fails"

I mean is that a character you'd want to read about? Seriously?

I don't get why anyone, and I do mean, anyone, who ever loved Spidey would want to support a character like that.

BND has been the status quo for almost ten months now and in those ten months, three issues a month, Peter Parker hasn't had a single major victory. He hasn't done anything making him worthy of the title 'hero'. He's been a failure throughout.

Why would someone, anyone, especially the publisher of Marvel allow that to happen to their company's flagship character?

I used to be a positive person in regards to Marvel, I like being positive, but there just isn't anything to be positive about where the current run of Spider-Man is concerned.

It's boring, one note, not funny at all and in my opinion, Peter Parker hasn't been in an issue of Spider-Man, other than those set in Ultimate, MA or mc2 since Sensational Spider-Man 41.

And worst of all, that note of failure has been spreading across the Marvel Universe.

I wanted to like New Avengers, I really did, and before Civil War, I gladly bought every issue. But now... It's like Bendis doesn't give a damn about the characters that he's actually supposed to be writing about.

I have no interest whatsoever in Secret Invasion, and these Skrull flashbacks are boring as hell.

I have no interest in Nick Fury or his band of kids, as if we even needed any more of them.

It's gotten so bad that the only character in Avengers: the Initiative I still care about is a Skrull called Crusader, because he's the only character that's actually being written as a person anymore...

Come on Marvel, where have your heroes gone?
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