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Why I can't seem to get into Merlin or T:tssc fics

I feel annoyed with myself. I've recently gotten into Merlin, the new BBC series and I've run into a problem. Fanfic wise that is.

I have no interest in slash fics set in the Merlin verse. None whatsover.

I love Arthur, I love Merlin, I can even see the subtext. But when I watch Merlin, I just have no interest in reading fanfic involving pairings, any pairings.

I want to read about fighting monsters, I want to read about Arthur finding out that Merlin's a sorcerer. I want to read something mythical and magical and I just have no interest in cuddle fic or sex fic.

Is that wrong?

It's a similar problem I have with lots of T:tssc fics. I have no interest whatsoever in John's 'love' for Cameron. I want to read about them dealing with Terminators. I want to see Derek suffering from PTS, I want to see John becoming a hero, but I don't care if he dates Cameron or Riley or wether Sarah sleeps with Cameron or Kyle or Derek.

I just don't want to see these great fandoms simplified to a soap opera of who's sleeping with whom. Because the background they're set in is so awesomely interesting, that the soap opera seems little more than a distraction to me.

It's like with Spider-Man. Sure I'll read and write Spidey slash, but the fics that interest me the most have bigger issues than whom he's sleeping with. It's about character and what his actions say about him.

Or if you set him in an au, I want to see how this fascinating character deals with his new situation. Not whom he ends up sleeping with.
(it's one reason why BND annoys me so much, because they took this new boring character and set him in Peter's place and just seem to have one setting for him, aka utter and total failure)

Anyway, that aside, anyone know of any Merlin based fanfic that has them meeting characters from Harry Potter? Or even better a fic where Arthur finds out that Merlin is a sorcerer. (and where that issue isn't just waved away so that the two of them can get in bed together)
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