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I responded to a post from a republican on my friendlist. Yes, I should know better, I do try not to do that, most of the time*g* I just can't seem to help myself.

She was talking about how Obama wants to force all American youth into mandatory military service and I asked for some proof of that.

Anyway, she responded with this video:

Anyway, not sure if I should link to the post, since I didn't get permission to do so, but still I thought I'd post my response to the statement made:

So basically he's asking for young people to do their best for their country and to help make it great, rather than sit on their ass? He's asking them to volunteer, to do the right thing. To be an asset to their communities.

I'd say that's a hugely positive thing.

No part of that says that it's mandatory either.

Quite honestly, I've read republican talking points and the problem for me is that I disagree with 95% of them. I tend to find most republican viewpoints amoral, indecent and only serving the rich. It's the kind of narrow minded view of the world that I find rather scary.

I mean, wasn't the republican party supposed to be for small government, so why is it that this party which claims to be for small government, is so insistent on making the government interfere in personal matters like marriage?

If you're for small government, shouldn't you then be the first to say that the government should have no say on who gets to marry and who doesn't. Hence allowing gay marriage?

When I was 12 years old, our history teacher explained to us about taxes and the benefits we got out of them. National health care, free education, roads, the police, the army, ... and how we paid for all that to get the great country we live in. It may not be perfect, but I'd take it over the US any day of the week.

I've been pro-taxes since, and I live in a left leaning country. I am a socialist and I find Obama leans far too much to the right, that I wouldn't vote for him if he ran in Belgium. For American standards of left and right though, he's a lot more acceptable than someone like McCain; who's leaning extremely right wing, which to me feels like a threat to democracy and freedom. It stands against everything I believe in to be just and right in this world.

Which is why I could never possibly even consider a man like McCain a good choice for anything.

Nation wide Health Care is one of the best things we've ever gotten, and we tend to fight to keep it, even if we do pay for it in our taxes. Because it means that if I or someone in my family gets sick, we'll be able to get affordable medical care, regardless of what job we have or how much you get paid for your job. I means that if I lose my regular job and I end up forced to do temp work, that I won't have to worry about falling sick, because my health care doesn't go away with it.

It means that children can go to the doctor if they're sick, regardless of whether or not their parents can afford for it. Which to me is the christian way to handle things. And that's coming from someone living in a mostly secular country.

To me the idea of anyone earning more than 250.000 a year daring to complain about his taxes is insulting to the rest of the world. Anyone who earns that much, has gained huge advantages from society and will only get there because of what they've gotten from others.

Maybe it's that Belgians don't worship the rich, that we don't vote with the rich in the fantasy of maybe one day, some time in the future being one of them. You know, when pigs fly and all that...

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