Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Calling out Batman fans, or people with a clue about rich people and their servants ;-)

I need some help.

I'm trying to work on a fic for a DC/Marvel ficathon. Fic's going to be Peter Parker/Tim Drake.

Anyway, I finally came up with a premise (about eleven days before I actually have to post the fic*g*) but I ran into one little glitch that could seriously affect the storyline.

I'm setting the fic with a 16 year old Peter, whose aunt just found out he's Spidey and who moved them both to Gotham to get him to stop being Spider-Man. Since she doesn't want to lose her nephew.

She gets a job as housekeeper at Wayne Manor.

Now the question would be, would she move into the manor and would she take Peter with her? The advantage would be to get Peter closer to Tim, and in story, that he'd be farther away from the city and thus according to May, less likely to be able to go out and patrol without her knowing it.

But would Bruce allow his new housekeeper to bring her nephew with her, and where would Peter live? Would they just have quarters at the manor? A place of their own? Are there any Batman fans on my f-list with a clue of how the servants at Wayne Manor would live?

Any ideas on interactions between Alfred and May?

And would Peter have to stay out of Bruce's sight or not? I just can't even remember any mention of Alfred's rooms at Wayne Manor, let out that of any other personnel.

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