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I was watching tv with my kid cousin earlier. He's nine years old so he watches the general sort of kid's shows that show up here on public television, as well as on commercial channels.

The show he was watching, was played at about six o clock in the evening, in between Spring (a show about a belgian band) and Lassie. (which I think most of you would know)
Zorro is shown in the same line up of shows, only on a different day.

And I realized something.
This show, which admittedly is overly slapstick for my taste, would be pretty controversial by American standards. Two of the main chars, are gay, and not only are they gay, they are in a gay relationship, onscreen. They both look like normal people, neither of them are stereotypical gay. And they are both male.

The show I actually watched, had another male character decide that since he accidentally kissed a man dressed like a woman, that he had to be gay.
It was a whole funny thing, since even the two regular gay characters didn't believe him. (the guy in question apparantly had a tendency to go after every woman he met, prior to that)

Funny is, the show is so secure in it's showing of homosexuality as being normal, that they didn't mind making a joke of another character's sexual preferences.
Now I don't like watching people make fools of themselves, like this char did. But still, the mere fact that this was possible, without anyone making a big deal of it... love that.
Makes me glad to be a Belgian really.

That and


Kurt Won
Go Kurt
Love Kurt.....

but damn it, as weird as it may sound, I'm about as happy about Peter's third place as I am about Kurt's victory. As much as I love Peter, I had never in all my wildest hopes, expected for him to do so well.


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