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Fic: Fragments of Flesh (3/6)

Title: Fragments of flesh
Prompt:616/Marvel Zombies | zombie Spider-Man | gen | Zombie Spidey ends up in the 616, after Cortez sends him and the others out of their own universe. How does the poor zombie react? How do the Skrulls?
Rating:R for violence and cannibalism
Word count:30.899
Disclaimer: The characters and settings featured in this story are the property of Marvel Entertainment. This is a work of homage and no copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: Death of major characters, people will be eaten and killed, in that order, it's a zombies fic
Author's notes: Finally finished and betaed, yay! For the record this is the only fic I'll ever write in Brand New Day continuity. There's a good reason why this fic is set in that continuity rather than in the real one. Just thought you might like to know.


Janet woke up to pain. It had been so long since the last time she felt it, she almost rejoiced. And then she winced, because pain still hurt. She was strapped to the bed with tight covers. A moan left her lips as she tried to turn around. It was then that she saw a young woman standing in the room. A nurse, the first thing Janet noticed about here was a large shiny bruise along her collarbone. .

“Where?” Janet wasn’t even sure why her mind focused on it. It just did.

“You’re awake, that’s good,” The girl seemed about ready to rabbit. “I’ll go get a doctor.”

“Where am I?” Her throat hurt, it felt like she’d just swallowed a chain of barbwire.

“You’re at Bellevue Hospital. Your friend T’Channa brought you in.”

Janet closed her eyes.

Falling down to the ground, human. Even now her body instinctively allowed her to shrink down and use her wings to fly down. She landed on the top of a garbage can. It nearly fell over when something landed besides her with a thump. Not one something, two of them. She was the first back up and went to check on them. T’Challa’s son. It took her a second to realize that he couldn’t be T’Channa. T’Channa died months ago; someone had shot him in the back while they’d been hunting for animals. (Not that there had been many left, with the hunger any meat had been good, even if human meat had been the preferred variety.)

And yes, she knew how silly that sounded, coming from a woman who’d been dead for forty years. It was the Colonel, or what as left of him in T’Channa’s body. He seemed unconscious. The second one was Hank. Janet tried to help him get up.

Memories were hard to deal with; remembering the people she’d killed before Hank had bitten her head of, literally. .

She needed to get out of the bed; she needed to warn people, the Avengers. Instead she just lay there, covered under warm sheets. The sensation of feeling that harsh fabric against her skin was almost overwhelming.

“I need to…” It took all her power to sit up, and pull the sheets away. The infuse was still sticking in her arm..

“It’s alright; you just need to calm down.” The nurse tried to stop her. “You had a heart attack.”

“I have a heart.” Janet could hear herself whisper. “I have toes and fingers. He took it away.”

Hank had been furious that she’d looked at T’Channa first before coming to him. But he tried to pretend it hadn’t mattered. Even now, Janet knew him better than that, the old memories still stuck as a raw wound that never quite healed. God she wished Reynolds was still around. She couldn’t even imagine a world without him in it.

“Whatever happened, it gave us a second chance.” Hank said. “We could make things better, do things better this time.”

And all Janet could think of was to wonder why she didn’t remember the city being this dirty. It had always looked so much shinier and lighter in her memories.

“He’s still out there.”

“Do you want me to call the police? They’ve been waiting for your statement.”

“Police?” Yes, there had been police, not just the Panther guard, the old day had had cops and army and so much more than them. “They can’t stop him.” She knew this, she’d tried to stop him and she hadn’t been able to, so how could they stand a chance.

“I just have to change things.” Hank said. “The next time we just need to make sure we control the hunger.”

“Hank, there’s no more hunger. It’s gone.” And it was, for the first time in what felt like forever, there wasn’t even a remnant of the hunger in her non existent, now once again existent guts. “We’re…” She stared at her hands, her real hands, not those of the robot body that Forge had built for her. “We’re human again.”

Hank shrugged it of. “But we don’t have to be. Reed was right, evolution like this is a dead end, the infection just allowed us to cross the limits of that.”

“Are you even listening to yourself?” She was just disgusted at the idea of what he seemed to be suggesting. Didn’t he remember what they’d done?

“We could protect humanity. Keep them safe.”

She put her hand on his chest, just trying to make him see reason. “Hank. We killed people.”

“Well a few…”

“Hank, we killed everybody.” She was almost crying. She hated crying, she wasn’t this weak child. She was better than that.

“Because we got greedy. This time we could do better. Even Reed saw -”

“Reed was insane Hank. He just lost his children.”

“They were weak. Reed understood that.”

"Hank, what's wrong with you?" She backed away, the insanity in his eyes, it horrified her.

“Nothing’s wrong Janet. You don’t have to worry. I’m as right as I ever was. It’s the logical solution.”

Janet didn’t want to keep listening to this, he didn’t even hear her.

“Is a sheepherder wrong, when he cares for his flock? When he takes one of their number and eats it? Does that mean he loves them any less? Of course it doesn’t.”

“Hank, you’re talking about people. I can’t let you do this.”

“Oh come on Janet. Not this again.” He seemed almost annoyed with her. She lifted her hands, ready to shoot him.

“Why do you make me do this?”
And then he’d …

“I have to go, find the Avengers.” Janet said as she forced her legs of the bed. She barely managed to stand up.

“The Avengers?” The girl seemed stunned, as if ready to call an alarm.

“My ex-husband is planning to turn earth into a smorgasbord; I’d say that requires the Avengers. Don’t you?”

Then she almost fell over. The girl was just in time to stop her from falling.

“I have to go. The fate of the world depends on it.” And God, yes, she knew just how stupid that sounded. Like something out of some kid’s cartoon. But that didn’t stop it from being right.

The girl tried to push her back on the bed, Janet shrunk herself, flying a few feet before falling down. It was only the girl’s quick action at catching her before she hit the ground that kept her from a pretty long drop. Even her wings were busted.

“Damn it Hank. Why did you have to be like this.?”

The girl finally went and placed her on the bed and Janet sank down as she grew back to regular size. “You’re the Wasp?!” Janet didn’t bother to look at the girl. She still stood there. “You’re an Avenger!”

“Yes. I need to call them.” Janet hated how petulant her voice sounded.

“Look, just stay in bed, and I’ll get you a phone. But you can’t get up right now. It could kill you.”

Janet started laughing. The girl looked scared by it, but it was the only logical response. Kill her, as if she hadn’t been dead already, so many years of being a corpse, and not even a full one, that it seemed more familiar now than this state of being alive.
“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. You just don’t know.”

The girl seemed to hesitate then she almost ran out of the room and came back with a cordless phone. Janet tried to call the Avengers. To her surprise the number didn’t work.
She nearly crushed it. Had she forgotten the number? Maybe she got a digit wrong. She’d only been using that one, and her bank number and her social security number as a crutch to get through hours of sitting there, doing nothing, while Reynolds worked on her body.
“Why aren’t they picking up?”

She thought about calling the FF, but then she remembered Reed. She couldn’t trust him and she didn’t know Sue’s number. It had been so long.

“I need to get to the mansion.”

She tried to get up again. The girl tried to stand in her way, but Janet didn’t let her.
“At least let me get you something to wear.” It was only then that Janet noticed she was naked. She’d forgotten about that, regular clothes wouldn’t shrink with her, not if they weren’t treated. God it had been far too long since she’d been able to use her powers.

And Janet sat there until the girl came back, about ten minutes later. By then she was once again wearing the hospital gown that had fallen off when she shrank. She first tried to put the dress on by herself, but had to give up after the third time her bruises made her cringe. After that the girl helped her put it on.

It was an ugly dress, and if she’d had a choice about it, she wouldn’t have touched it with a ten foot pole. But at least it wasn’t a hospital gown that opened in the back.

The girl then helped her up, letting her lean on her as they left the room. Every step felt like walking on nails while caught in an iron maiden.

Damn it Hank. Damn you to hell.


His back was starting to hurt from sitting still on an uncomfortable chair behind a greasy desk in a halfway lit interrogation room. That and the cops barely even bothered to ask him any questions. Peter had to keep from smiling as he realized they pretty much assumed he knew as little about what was going on as they did.

Since they weren’t entirely wrong, he didn’t bother to mention talk of Skrulls or clones. He’d considered calling the rest of the Avengers earlier; but decided against it. He couldn’t have one of the cops checking the number and finding out about it.

He sank back in the chair, leaning away from the table, balancing on two legs.
“So what did they do to the guy?”
Peter could hear the two cops talking right outside of the room.
“The nutcase?”

“Who else?” That was O’Neill, Vin’s partner. Maybe he could hitch a ride back to the apartment with Vin later, if he was lucky. Which probably meant no.

“I heard from Vin that he only stayed at Bellevue for about three hours then he attacked that Initiative guy they sent. Vin said they were still cleaning up the mess when he left.”

“So where is he?”


The door opened again and Peter’s chair thumped back on all fours, as he stared at the cop entering the room. He rolled his eyes at them and tried to stay as calm as possible.

It worked out; they let him go only an hour later. Peter tried to behave as normal as possible. He smiled, waved at Vin’s partner and grabbed his bike. He hurried past a few alleys and ducked past traffic, taking risks that wouldn’t be possible without his spidersense. He wasn’t normally this careless, but the idea of that double being in the authority’s hands gave him goosebumps.

What if he showed spiderpowers and they decided to come check up on him again? What if they just let him go to catch him later, and there were capekillers waiting for him back at the apartment? It took him a few blocks to convince himself that his apartment was the best place to be right now.

In the end he decided to go anyway. If he didn’t, it’d just make them even more suspicious of him. Aunt May had called, she was worried about him, asking if he knew about the look-alike. He hated to tell her he didn’t have a clue. Just a coincidence he’d told her. But with the Parker luck in place, there was just no such thing as coincidences.

He opened the door and noticed Vin waiting for him on the couch. Vin seemed to suspect something, but Peter pretended not to notice. Instead he took of his coat and placed it on the hanger before heading for the kitchen. He carefully went to his side of the fridge and took out some of the noodles he had left.

“So what happened?” Vin didn’t even bother to turn to him while asking his question, too focused on the television set.

“Pure coincidence, I think.” Peter took out a spoon. “I guess we all have a double somewhere.” Or more than one in his case.

Peter hoped that Vin would just drop it. He couldn’t deal with questions right now. So he plunked down on the couch, noodles and all and got ready to watch the game. The Mets were supposed to be playing. Soon Vin grabbed a bag of chips and the two of them were throwing them at the screen whenever the other guys came close to scoring.

Peter barely even noticed there was danger approaching. He seemed to have a lot of trouble with that lately. Like his spidersense was on a constant state of messing up, barely enough there to be annoying. Still he went up to the door. He had to keep Vin away from it, who knows, with a bit of fast talking, he might stop anything before he had to endanger his secret identity.

Hank Pym was at the door. Peter nearly threw it in his face. He had to fight the urge not to make a run for it. If Pym was here, would SHIELD or even Stark be much behind?

“Hello Peter, or should I say… Spider-Man.” This time Peter did throw it in his face, or tried to. Pym stopped it before it could close. “We could fight, but I’m pretty sure your… friend over there, is not aware of your extra curricular activities, or is he?”

Peter took a step forward, letting the door fall closed behind him. “What do you want, Hank?”

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to tell Tony. I just… need your help. You wouldn’t mind helping an old friend, now would you?” Peter’s spidersense was buzzing on a high level. “We are still friends aren’t we?” Hank’s smile was as smooth of one of those used car salesmen, one of those guys that could show you a wreck, without an engine, and four spoiled wheels, and sell it to you like it was brand new.

Peter knew he had no choice. If he didn’t go with Hank now, he’d probably do something that would let Vin know what was going on. Peter wondered if it had anything to do with the double. If it did, then he was fucked either way.

“Sure.” He didn’t open the door any further. “I just need to go get my stuff.”

Vin got up when he saw Peter come back in, Pym put his foot in the way before the door had a chance to fall shut. Thank God he stayed at the door, hidden just out of sight.
“I’ve got to leave, big tip,” was all Peter told Vin; before grabbing his bag with his web shooters and his camera in it. He knew he should put his costume in, but he didn’t think he’d have a chance to get it out of the laundry basket without Vin noticing.

The way Pym looked at him made Peter worry, but he was sure he could handle it. Long as his web shooters didn’t clog up or ran out again.

He tried not to look at Pym; instead he tried to check the surrounding area, wondering if Pym had brought SHIELD or the police with him. Hank was talking about something, how he had a plan to save the world; something to do with evolution. Peter wondered what was up with him. Sure, he might not be as smart as Stark, Pym or Richards were, but he knew enough about biology to know that the analogies that Pym came up with made no sense.

And all the time the tingling of his spidersense kept distracting him.

“You know Peter.” And then there was that look in his face. “I was planning to ask some of those new kids from the Initiative to help me with this.” With what? Whatever it was, it didn’t sound good from his side of things. “But thinking about it, I’m much better off with you.”

Peter wondered if he could make a run for it. He took a quick look back for a way out. He was hit in the back before he could escape. His face hit the gravel and Peter had a hard time staying conscious, his back was hurting. Pym knelt next to him, and brushed through his hair as he did so. “Don’t worry Peter. You’re going to be a hero.”

Peter was pretty sure he didn’t want to play…


Reed helped Johnny get the seemingly young man to a chair in the lab. He pretended not to notice how the former zombie kept checking on Johnny to see if he should follow Reed’s suggestions. Something was wrong here, and it hurt that he didn’t know what it was.

He’d talked to the older T’Challa earlier; the man had been just as reluctant to deal with him. Almost as if T’Challa didn’t even want to talk to him, let out see him. Reed shook it off and started the bio scans as soon as Peter was sitting down. They only confirmed what he already knew. The man was definitely a carrier for the infection. There was something holding it back, keeping him alive. But as soon as that was shattered, the virus would activate, turning it’s carrier into a homo necrotis canibalis, or a man-eating zombie as Johnny had put it so quaintly.

Reed filed it away while taking the opportunity to find out just how the power cosmic had gotten settled into the deceptively frail man’s body. Parker was insane of course, but that was no surprise. After what he’d been through, after what he’d done, Reed would be far more worried if the man had not been bothered by it all.

“So how did it happen?” Johnny asked. Reed tried to stay out of sight, since Peter seemed to fall still whenever he saw him, but he did listen. Any new information they found, might one day save them if the infection were ever to hit their own world.

“Ashes fell and so did the Sentry.” Peter seemed to get lost in his memories as he tried to express something too horrible for anyone to grasp. “The colonel bit in like a cowboy in red meat. Felt like a cow as I went to the ground, went down, thought it was that and then I found out it wasn’t. The others saw me and I thought I fooled them, made them believe I was what I hadn’t yet become. But they knew, they knew it was too late already. MJ, May, I ate them. I loved them and I ate them.”

And it was odd to listen to this confession, this confession of a man who’d become a monster that kept coming back to those two names; MJ and May.

Reed assumed they were a Mary Jane Watson and May Parker. The first one had been a long time paramour of their own version of Parker and the second was his aunt. She’d been a volunteer at the homeless shelter that their new friend had first been found at. Reed wondered if her proximity to the place had anything to do with the location that Peter had turned up at. Their world seemed to differ in so many ways; from political events, to superhuman conflicts.

They’d never even met Galactus until the giant had made the mistake of visiting their earth after the infection had hit. They’d barely even known about the Skrulls, nor had they been visited by the timelord Kang. Not that this was surprising since their world had been depopulated long before Kang ever even encountered his first time machine.

They urgently needed to talk to Luke, find some way to contact the New Avengers and have them keep a look out for either some new version of Luke Cage or Wolverine. He’d probably be best of just telling Ben about it and let him make sure of it. It was better not to ask Ben how, or whom else he stayed in touch with.

Tony had already sent out feelers for anyone who might have or could possibly be contacted by the zombie-infested world’s version of Steve Rogers. Or Colonel America as he’d been known as in that world. Reed still had a hard time dealing with the fact that in that world, Steve had actually been voted president. He could believe that Captain America could have gotten elected, but the fact that Steve had actually accepted the nomination rather astonished him.

His phone buzzed and he quickly picked it up while still halfway listening to Johnny and Peter.

“Reed, I went to Hank’s lab. You were right.”

It was the last thing he’d wanted to hear from Rhodey.

“Whomever’s replaced Hank has been using his lab as a slaughterhouse. So far we’ve found remains of over a dozen victims. Only one of which we were able to identify.”

“Who?” Reed felt cold chills pass through them. Had the zombies already started reverting?

“Eric O’Grady. The new Antman.” Rhodey sounded guilty. “When he disappeared last night, I just thought he went AWOL. He’s hardly what you’d call reliable. I just never even considered…” Reed could practically hear the other man pull himself together. “The bastard ate him Reed. And from the security footage in the lab, he did it while O’Grady was still alive.”

Reed turned back to Johnny, about ready to pull him away from the former zombie. But it seemed like Peter was curled up in the chair, rocking with deep sobs that seemed to come from the depth of his soul.

“Why didn’t the sensors pick anything up? We’ve got the height of surveillance at Camp Hammond, yet none of them seemed to give a peep when one of our own was replaced by a cannibal.”

Reed wanted to tell him, he really did. But would it start a panic? “Rhodey, I’m sending through a bio sample. You need to check the recruits, if any of them have been infected with this agent; you need to lock them up right away. As soon as you have, I need you to evacuate all the non-infected recruits.”

“Evacuate? But why? Reed what’s going on?”

“Rhodey, I…” But what if Gauntlet found out, or one of those that answered more to people like Gyrich, rather than those of the children in the camp? If word got out about this, then people like Gyrich were likely to kill any and all of the recruits, rather than risk a spread of the infection. Not that Reed could blame them in this case. In fact, if they didn’t stop this threat, he would have no choice but to issue a warning to the White House and have them bomb New York before the infection could spread amongst the heroes and envelop the rest of the world.

He rewatched the images automatically taped as Johnny and the others had been in that other dimension. Seeing those … zombies cull their way through the city, slaughtering an entire city in a matter of minutes - what chance would earth have if they didn’t stop it right from the start?

“Just do it Rhodey.” He said, trying to sound cold and calm, rather than terrified

“What do I do if any of them ‘are’ infected.”

Reed closed his eyes. He didn’t even want to consider the possibility. “You kill them, shoot them through the head and make sure to destroy their brains.” Rhodey protested as soon as he said the words, but Reed continued before he got a word in. “If they’re infected, they’re already dead, and they’ll just be a threat to the others. Killing them before they turn; would be a kindness. He just prayed that God would have mercy on them for what they would have to do in the coming days.

“They were all gone.” The former zombie whispered. “Every each one of them, all the species and all the worlds in the entire universe; and then we went home.”


T’Channa was confused. He’d never seen so many people in one room together as he had since he arrived here. In fact, there seemed to be more people in this building, than there had been in all of New Wakanda. It made him feel odd, he thought it was fear, he hadn’t felt like that since he was a child and member of the community had been telling stories about how the world had ended, and began anew. He remembered stories that his father had told him, about the old days, when the world had been full of people and the empty shells of city had been crowded and full of noises; before the end of days.

The police officers had kept asking him questions, yet he barely understood the meaning of their words. All he knew was that Miss Wasp needed his help and they wouldn’t let him see her. So when he saw her with a young woman, coming towards him he instantly ran up to her to help.

“T’Channa.” She cried when she saw him. “Is it really you?” She’d been surprised to see him before as well. All he’d done was call her Miss Wasp as he’d done since he was a little kid.

“I don’t know what happened, Miss Wasp. One moment I was talking to Mister Cortez about a hunting expedition, and then, I was there, in that alley with you and that … man; the monster that attacked you.”

“I know T’Channa, oh God. I can’t believe it’s you.” But who else could he be? “We have to get to the Avengers.” She said. “We have to warn them.”

He remembered those stories too, of how the Avengers had saved the world time after time. Those were the stories that had made his father smile when he remembered them. Stories of Thor, the god of thunder, Lord of the Storms, Colonel America, a mortal so respected that any who heard him would gladly follow him into hell; of Hawkeye and the Witch, of men and women who lived their lives serving the world and the people in it. Until… until the day they failed. He wasn’t sure what to think. He wasn’t even sure what was up or down. So he decided to fall back on what he’d always done when he was a child; whatever Miss Wasp told him to do.

A man came up to the Miss Wasp’s friend, scaring her. T’Channa put himself between her and the stranger. “You don’t have to.” Her voice sounded sweet, almost like that of Clarissa, God he missed her. “It’s just my boyfriend.”

“If he is your partner, then why are you scared of him?” She flinched at the words. “Any man who gives you cause for fear, is not worthy of that title.”

She looked down, T’Channa wanted to lift her face and tell her that she had nothing to be ashamed of. But he didn’t think she’d listen to a stranger like him. The man looked their way and took a step back when T’Channa glared at him.

Miss Wasp didn’t seem to notice, she headed outside, forcing them to hurry to follow her. Even injured, she moved like a force of nature. T’Challa froze as he noticed the chaos outside of the building. Dozens, no hundreds of cars, actual driving cars that stank to high heaven. There were so many of them, so much noises and people. Everywhere he looked there were people. People that yelled, horns blazed and T’Channa stood there overwhelmed by a million different experiences all at once.

Miss Wasp got in the middle of the road and held up her hand, forcing a yellow car to stop mere inches in front of her. T’Channa gulped as he realized how close the car had come to hitting them. Miss Wasp climbed in, and T’Channa followed closely behind her.
“Avengers Mansion and make it fast.”

The young woman stepped in with them, T’Channa didn’t know what to say, but she was sitting rather closely to him. He wondered how to tell her that her hand was on his leg. He didn’t have to, she quickly pulled it back.

"I'm T'Channa," he told her, it was odd being with someone whose name he didn't know.

“I know.” She cringed as he looked at her. “I heard you talking to the cops.” T’Channa wasn’t sure what to say to that. What did she mean with cops? “My name’s Lisa. Lisa Torres” He couldn’t help a smile, his mother’s name was Lisa.

T’Channa offered her his hand, while nearly pushing his elbow into Miss Wasp who yelped. That surprised T’Channa; she had never seemed to feel pain before.

They stopped in front of a broken down building. It looked a bit like the shrine that his father visited every once and a while. The cursed place, as the others called it. T’Channa had always thought it looked pretty, with the big building and the statues.

“What happened?” Miss Wasp seemed to be in shock as she stared at the building. The cabdriver stared at her as if she were insane. T’Channa wanted to slap him for that.

“Where have you been, hiding under a rock or something?” He glared at her as if she were some kind of fool. It made T’Channa want to slap him in the face. “The Avengers broke up, before the Civil War. One of them went insane and then there weren’t any Avengers for a couple of months.”

“But where are they now?” She still sat there, mouth wide open; her arms crossed, hoping for something, T’Channa didn’t know what.

“Stark Tower I reckon. That’s where those government flunkies’ versions of the Avengers hang out. “

T’Channa desperately wanted to ask Miss Wasp what government flunkies were. But he kept his thoughts to himself.

The driver continued without caring about their reaction. “Now if you want the real Avengers, them brats hang out somewhere in the city. A cousin of mine brings them pizzas some times.”

Real Avengers, government Avengers? T’Channa didn’t care, as long as Miss Wasp wanted to see Avengers, either group would be good, right?

“Can you take us to them?” she sounded almost desperate. T’Channa wished he knew how to make her feel better. She was always so sad.

“Why?” The driver clearly didn’t trust them. Trust was a weird thing to have to earn, weren’t they all human?

“The sake of the world depends on it.” Miss Wasp said. T’Channa still had a hard time grasping the differences in her voice. She sounded… almost human.

The driver looked at them, as if assessing them.

“You’d better make this worth my while, is all I’m saying.”

T’Channa didn’t think he liked the man. He did like the feeling of Lisa’s hand on his leg.


Waking up had this moment, this one instant of feeling like he belonged. It was almost as if he expected a nice warm body next to his, a gentle touch and a cute bit of a snore to wake up next to him. But it lasted no more than brief seconds, before he woke up, stretched his arms and realized he was alone.

This time when he tried to stretch his arms, he soon realized that he couldn’t move his arms, they were tied next to him and the same had happened to his legs. His back ached and he looked back, barely noticing a wooden board underneath him.

He shivered realizing that someone had taken his shirt and there was something wrapped tightly around his arm, stopping his blood flow. He tried to pull loose, but the cuffs wouldn’t let go. Pym, Hank Pym, had knocked him out and…

Peter thrashed against the board when he noticed Pym. The scientist was dressed in a white lab coat over his uniform; he was wearing a pair of glasses and going through something that was just out of Peter’s sight. Peter spat out the rag between his lips and started coughing.

Pym noticed the sound and smirked. Peter tried to pull free again as the madman came at him with a syringe.
“It’ll just pinch a bit, and then this’ll be over all too soon.”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Peter sputtered as Pym pushed a syringe in a vein. “What the… You can’t do th…” he couldn’t even finish the last word as Pym pushed the rag back between his lips. Peter thrashed as Pym grabbed a role of duct tape and locked the rag even tighter.

“No talking Parker, I got tired of your voice twenty years ago and I’m not about to listen to it now.”

He’d gone nuts. Peter hadn’t even met the guy until fifteen years ago, or was that twelve.

Peter tried to break the restraints, but from the look on Pym’s face, the madman seemed to be prepared for that. “These chains are strong enough to stop me Parker, so they can sure as hell stop a pipsqueak like you from getting away.

“Do you realize just how much you’ve made my life a living hell?” Peter had to catch his breath as Pym hung over him, the stench of rotten cheese blowing in his nose. Pym grabbed Peter’s hair and pulled him closer. The man was insane.

“How much you made what was already unbearable even more so with your whining and crying about your pathetic little wife and aunt.” Peter tried to pull back. “As if the rest of us hadn’t made our own sacrifices to the hunger.”

Peter stared at him in shock. What had happened to Hank? He’d seemed normal the last time Peter had seen him during their battle with the Hulk. But now?

Pym pushed away. He pulled open a few more of the boxes that were spread around the room. “But noooo, not Peter Parker, he just has to think his pain is so much worse than that of the rest of us.” By now, Peter didn’t even know who Pym was talking to. “He’s so sensitive!”
Peter wondered when he’d stop monologuing. Or that he’d at least let him get a few good quips in. It just wasn’t any fun bantering when one side cheated like this.
“Not this time Parker. This time I’m ripping out your tongue if you even think of talking while I’m around.”

As if I need my tongue to rip a loony tunes like you apart.

Pym pulled a case with syringes out of one of the boxes and started displaying them on a tray. Peter was damn sure he didn’t want to know what was in those things. He was also pretty sure they weren’t hygienic.
Then Pym backhanded him, making Peter’s head hit the board he was tied to. Now that’s just against the Geneva convention. His ears was ringing so hard, he almost missed the noise at one of the windows. Peter tried to look for something, and barely noticed the shadowy figure behind the broken glass. Vin? What was he doing, he shouldn’t be here?

He couldn’t yell at him to run, but he desperately looked at his roommate, warning him with his eyes, as if to tell him to get away, now, before Pym noticed him as well. But Vin was too much of a cop to listen to that.

Pym didn’t even notice them until the door burst open and Vin came storming in along with his partner.

“We’ve got a code 10-59, urgent backup required over at…” Peter could barely hear O’Neill finish. “Officers going in.” But they shouldn’t be. It was too dangerous. O’Neill kept talking into his radio, repeating the word code gold, which stood for superhuman involvement, Peter guessed he was probably calling in to the station.

Vin kept it simple: “Freeze, police.” Peter somehow doubted that that would impress Pym all too much. Peter wondered if Pym was going to comply when he saw him raise his arms. Maybe he was just going to tell them he was making an arrest. Spider-Man was wanted after all. But then his spidersense rang through his head like a bell, and he knew that wasn’t the case. He wasn’t even sure what he was seeing when a ray of silverish power came from Pym’s hands, aimed at Vin and his partner. Vin managed to get out of the way, O’Neill was shot in the leg. Or more accurately, had his leg blasted half off.

Peter struggled even more fiercely against his ties. Pym started shooting. It was now or never Peter finally managed to pull at least one hand loose, not by breaking the cuff, but by tearing through the wood of the rack that it had been nailed into. He pulled all his strength towards doing the same for his other hand and legs.

But as he did so, Pym got closer and closer to hitting Vin. His aim seemed to improve with each blast. O’Neill tried to help; he grabbed his pistol and started shooting at Pym. Peter stared in shock as the bullets just bounced off the man’s hide. Sure Pym’s suit was probably bullet proof, but he should at the least be wincing. He wasn’t even giant-sized.

“I am a God; you’re nothing but mice, biting at your betters.”

Peter pulled the rag out between his lips. “Vin, run! He’s too dangerous” But Vin wasn’t about to listen. “Go, grab O’Neill, save yourselves.” And once again, no such luck. “Call the Avengers damn it!”

And it was then that Vin fell against another one of the crates, accidentally forcing it to the ground and breaking it open. There was something inside of it. Peter had no idea what it was supposed to be.

Vin touched it and all of a sudden the thing crawled over the cops arm, forming something, the next time Pym started shooting at him, Vin almost instinctively raised his arms to protect himself and a barrel formed at the front of the device, shooting off some kind of energy blast.

It didn’t end with one shot, or two, or even three, but after the fourth Pym was down, with a huge hole in his chest. Peter closed his eyes, he had trouble breathing. The idea of anyone killing for him…

He couldn’t stand to look at the body, not anymore.


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