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Joe Q's response to my question on Cup of Joe

Well what do you know, he actually responded.

Posted by Lore on Aug 12, 2008 5:24 AM

Hey Joe,

1) Thanks to "Brand New Day," I'm saving $9 a month on Spider-Man books. I used to buy every single issue that had Spider-Man in it, but seeing as how Peter's become so unlikable and unrelatable ever since BND started, I no longer want any issue with that version of Spider-Man in my house. I just read it through in the shop. Which is saving me a lot of money. Thanks for that.

2) Ever since I first heard the spoilers about "One More Day" and what it was going to be, about a year ago, I've successfully lost 42 kilos (92.59 pounds), all from being pissed off about the ruination of my favorite character. I'd say that's about the only positive thing I can say about it. So thanks for giving me something to focus my energies on.

And a question: Is the Spider-Man in BND a Skrull, a Dire Wraith, the Chameleon in disguise or some other kind of imposter? It's about the only way I could possibly see the character fitting in. I mean, he doesn't have Peter Parker's personality, he lacks Peter's heart, his soul, his intelligence, his kindness, his selflessness, his heroism. He doesn't know how to make Peter's webbing, seeing as how he's somehow paying 200 times as much for the webbing's ingredients than Peter did. And seriously, the "running out of webbing" gag was tired the first time they did it. By now even the mention of the web shooters is sickening to the extreme.

The Spider-Man in BND also behaves like an incompetent rookie and a totally worthless loser. And he doesn't even seem to notice that Harry hasn't mentioned his son even once. The lack of noticing that his best friend has turned into a deadbeat dad should be enough to show he isn't really Peter Parker.

JQ: Lore, how are you?

1) Hmmm. I don't really see how Peter is any different than the same ol' Spidey we've always known. Sorry you don't dig it, but I'm glad you're still reading it the store—there must be something you like if you're doing that.

2) 92 pounds since "One More Day" started? That's over 10 pounds a month! Maybe it's not the comic?

And nope, Spidey is none of those things you suggest. Really? He doesn't have Peter's personality of the loveable loser? With respect to the web formula and his being able to afford it, there are a lot of things that people can't afford today that they could merely a year ago. This is the world we live in. Peter had organic web shooters for quite some time before BND, the cost of living goes up. I bet Peter in BND is pretty surprised at what he's paying for gas today as well. As for the Harry question, patience, all will be answered in time.

Regardless, I appreciate you sticking with us and reading Spidey, but for the life of me since you are reading it…I don't understand what you're so upset about?

Naturally, he missed the entire point, but then what else can you expect from a man who genuinely believes that Peter Parker is supposed to be a loser. Someone should really lock him up in a room with every Spidey issue ever written, and not let him out until he's read them all.

Peter's supposed to be an underdog, never a loser.

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