Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Anyone feel like betaing a fic?

The Zombies story is finished, and only two days late*g* It is also the first and only fic I'll ever write using Brand New Day Spider-Man. (and yes I did have him run out of webbing, it's BND, what did you expect?)

I'm now going through the first draft, seeing if it needs more work, especially at the end, since I already went through the first half in the same manner before.

22.171 words, and that number might still rise.

I have no idea how it got that high.

I'm doubting between posting it in five or ten pieces, What do you guys think?

Poll #1252890 Chaptersizes

How big do you think a chapter should be in a long finished fic

1.000 words
2.000 words
5.000 words
10.000 words
Just try and post it in one post

Anyway, does anyone have time to beta it.

And seriousfic if you're reading this, I must admit that this fic is the main reason I haven't gotten back to you yet. I was desperately trying to meet the deadline for this one, and unfortunately even failed at that.

Will get back to you on your fic as soon as I can.

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