Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I posted this to MyCup o' Joe

Doubt they'd let it through, or that Quesada would ever answer it, but hey, it was worth the try.

Hey Joe,
I just wanted to thank you for two things

1. Thanks to Brand New Day, I'm saving over 9$ a month on Spider-Man books. I used to buy every single issue that had Spider-Man in it, even as a cameo, but seeing as how Peter's become so unlikeable and unrelatable ever since BND started, I no longer want any issue with that version of Spider-Man in my house. I just read it through in the shop. Which is saving me a lot of money. Thanks for that.

2. Ever since I first heard the spoilers about OMD and what it was going to be, about a year ago, I've successfully lost 42 kilo aka 92.59 pounds, all by being pissed off about the ruination of my favorite character. I'd say that's about the only positive thing I can say about BND. So thanks for giving me something to focus my energies on.

And question wise.
Is the Spider-Man in BND a Skrull, a Dire Wraith, the Chameleon in disguise or some other kind of imposter?
It's about the only way I could possibly see the character in BND fitting in. I mean, he doesn't have Peter Parker's personality, he lacks Peter's, heart, his soul, his intelligence, his kindness, his selflessness, his heroism. He doesn't know how to make Peter's webbing, seeing as how he's somehow paying 200 times as much for the webbing's ingredients than Peter did. (seeing as how Peter was able to easily afford the webbing both on a minimum wage and as a highschool student. And seriously, the running out of webbing gag was tired the first time they did it. By now even the mention of the webshooters is sickening to the extreme. )

The Spider-Man in BND also behaves like an incompetent rookie and a totally worthless loser.
And he doesn't even seem to notice that Harry hasn't mentioned his son even once. The lack of noticing that his best friend has turned into a dead beat dad should be enough to show he isn't really Peter Parker.

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