Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic: Initiation

Title: Initiation
Author: liliaeth
Universe: Marvel 616
Character/Pairing/Series/Group: Tony Stark (Iron Man)/Peter Parker (Spider-Man)/Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: “Something sweet or highly sexual”
Author Note (optional): Well people did ask me to write more explicit smut and since it doesn't work yet for the drabble set I'm doing, I might as well write it for Bunny's birthday.

When Tony told Peter that there was more to joining the Avengers than just getting his Avenger ID, he was quietly delighted at the young man's naivety.
"What? Does that mean I get to learn the secret handshake?"

Tony had smiled at Steve before eying the way to his bedroom. Steve had just told Peter to follow them.

Peter still didn't understand but he jumped up anyway. When Steve opened the door and Peter saw what was inside, Peter hesitated a moment.
"Do you trust us?"
It was an evil thing to ask, because at this point, how could Peter say no?

"Can I say no?"
Of course he could. But then Steve gave him a little push and Peter practically jumped into the room.

Tony took Peter to the bed, while Steve waited at the door. Peter hesitated, looking back at Cap, worried about his reaction. Steve just smiled at him reassuringly. Then Tony dragged Peter along pulling his collar and making him land down on the bed. Peter fell on top of him. Cap still stood there watching, while Tony pulled up Peter's mask, inch by inch, freeing the young man's lips. Peter was too dazed to notice.

"It's habit." Tony whispered. "All new Avengers go through this."

Peter tried to protest, but Tony didn't give him time to do so and pulled Peter's shirt over his chest. He enjoyed the view of the young hero's muscled chest. Then he couldn't stop himself and licked a trail up to Peter's nipples.

Peter seemed ready to make a run for it, but that's when Steve joined them on the bed, leaving the young man with nowhere to run to. He slowly grabbed hold of Peter's arm and pulled off his glove, holding it meticulously so that none of the fingers would roll up in itself. Peter might have protested but Tony had moved on from suckling his nipples to wrestling his tongue. All Peter would be able to see was Tony's mouth as he was supposed to.

Steve kissed Peter's fingers, his soft lips most likely moving slowly upon the young man's lifeline.

"I'm married." Peter tried to whisper when Tony finally let go of his mouth. But Tony didn't care. This went beyond marriage, it was about initiation, it was about brotherhood, it was about trust and right now, it was all that mattered.

Steve had moved on to Peter's boots by now and Tony managed to get Peter down on the bed, his head almost hidden in the pillows. He looked into the huge white reflecting lenses of Peter's mask and slid it up Peter's face, until only his hair was still covered. Peter looked so young without his mask, his lips full and wide. Just a boy, even at age 30, just a decade younger than Tony himself was in years, yet so much younger in range of innocence.

When Steve finally let go, Tony's fingers slipped in between Peter's pants and slowly pulled them down. Steve helped there too,lifting up Peter's legs. They made full use of Peter's flexibility as they slowly removed his blue pants and kept his legs up while Steve forced a pillow under his back to keep him in position.

It was no surprise to either Steve or Tony that Peter wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Peter stared between them both.
"I'm not sure I..."

"It's alright Peter, we're here for you. You won't have to join in again afterwards, it's just this once, as a welcome. You can do that right, just this once?"

Tony smiled his most seductive smile, the one showing friendship and understanding, the one that had made a king feel at home and a God feel ready to call them brothers. And then he waited.

Peter didn't disappoint. A small nod.

Steve was holding a tube of Astroglide in his hands and Peter gulped, brown eyes grew even wider. Peter's breathing sped up and Tony started taking off his own shirt, pulling Peter's attention to his own naked form.

They could both hear the sound of Steve's hands as they rubbed together, but Peter's eyes were hooked on Tony's as he slowly took of his shoes, shirt and pants until only his boxer shorts were left.

Peter moaned, Tony looked back and noticed that Steve had gotten to work on applying plenty of lube as he gently opened Peter up. Tony wondered if Peter's anal muscles were as formidable as the ones in the rest of his body.

Peter groaned as Steve pulled back his fingers. Tony took that as an invitation to join in himself, taking over the tube from Steve and gently placing a finger of his own in the tiny opening while Steve took off his clothes.

While Tony's own clothes had fallen spread around the floor, Steve's clothes ended up neatly folded over a chair in the left corner of the room. By the time Steve returned, Peter was almost ready.
"Have you ever done this before?" Steve asked.

Peter muttered: "No, God no".

"It'll be alright." Steve sat down next to the boy and caressed his thighs. Planting soft gentle kisses while Tony grabbed something out from under the bed.

It wasn't that thick, but it would open Peter up a bit while they chose which of them would go first. Anything to make it easier on the boy. This wasn't just for their own pleasure after all.

A small tear fell down Peter's cheek as Tony gently pushed the balls into the opening. They were a set of five metal balls connected by a chain that slid in all too easily. Peter yelped at their cold touch, but Tony didn't stop until only the back end leading into the small plug was left outside. Then he pushed that in as well until the opening was covered up by the plug.

Peter stared at them not understanding. Then Steve moved behind Tony while Tony moved his lips up to Peter's cock. His tongue licking down to the base, fondling Peter's balls. Tony opened his legs, kneeled behind Peter and pulled Peter's legs over his shoulder. Steve's hand fisted Tony's cock while his own balls and cock hit Tony's exposed back. And then as Peter's cock slipped into Tony's mouth inch by inch, Cap took care of some last preparations on Tony. Covering both Tony's cock and ass. Peter was forced to arch his back and follow as Tony jumped up on Steve's cock.

By the time Steve hit the right spot for the fifth time, Tony was about ready to come, but he knew they couldn't be that selfish. So he let go of Peter's cock, holding on to Peter's balls just tight enough so Peter wouldn't be able to come before Tony allowed him to. He grabbed a cockring and bound it tight so Peter wouldn't be tempted to come before his time. Then Tony pressed the button on the bottom of the plug and activated the vibranium plugs he'd just inserted into Peter.

Peter groaned and begged for relief but Tony wouldn't give it to him. Not yet.
Then as Tony pulled out the plug, without turning off the device, the balls vibrated along Peter's entrance, Peter cried out with every each one of the balls leaving his body. Tony didn't mind, the walls were sound proofed.

Peter's legs were held between Tony's back and Steve's chest and arched up with every movement that Steve made inside of Tony.

"How flexible are you Peter?" Tony whispered.

"Not this flexible." Peter groaned as his back arched up again. So Tony let him slide down a bit, just enough to make access easier. Peter's legs hugged him and Steve as Tony finally allowed himself to enter the hole in front of him.

Tony bent over Peter's chest, letting his cock hit that sweet spot inside of Peter as his mouth suckled on Peter's nipples. He wasn't the one who had to do the work here, as he was pushed forward and pulled back with each of Steve's movements.

And when they finally fell over, Peter still at the bottom, Tony's cock once again hard against Peter's thigh, while Steve's had fallen between Tony's thighs Peter just lay there, his hand fingering his mask and a shy but painful smile on his face.

"You can come now Peter." as Tony finally released the cockring and Peter spent himself equally on Steve, Tony and the sheets.
"You're an Avenger now."


Tony wondered what Peter would say if he found out that Steve still had to get his turn.

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