Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic: Teacher my teacher

Just something I still had on my comp

Title: Teacher my teacher
Summary:just one more reaction to Peter's unmasking

Kevin never liked school much. It was a place where you were stuck all day so your mum wouldn’t go complaining and messing up your fun at home. Your mates didn’t care about it, except Sugar and he just went there cause some of his best clients did. Kevin wasn’t much into dealing, he thought the ones taking the stuff were fools, but Kevn knew guys like Sugar made more money in one hour, than he did all month working at the grocery store.

But at least he didn’t have to worry about some nutcase cape coming down and kicking his ass all over the street. Nah, he got his ass kicked more than enough at school, when Druger and his boys saw him peddling some fliers from Ray-Gun’s latest shindig over on Robinson.

Sugar wanted him to go to the flats with him later, Kevin told him he couldn’t, work. It wasn’t entirely true. Sure he had to go to work for a few hours, but the real reason he couldn’t come was that he promised his little sister to help her with her science essay.

See, Kevin hated school, he hated its restrictions, the time wasted on stuff that he couldn’t for the life of him see any good use for in real life. But that didn’t mean he was stupid. In fact, part of why school bored him was that he was months ahead of his classmates, and that half the stuff they were learning was stuff he’d read at the start of the year and he didn’t see no need to waste more of his time on something that he’d gotten the hang of weeks ago.

The only one who even slightly got that was Mister Parker. Mister Parker had offered him some more books and had suggested a project. Kevin had refused. He didn’t want some nobody teacher making him look like a fricking teacher’s pet. Not him, no way.

It was still nice of Mister Parker to do the effort, it was more than any of the other teachers had ever done for him, so Kevin made sure not to miss a single one of his classes. He even managed to stay awake during them, not a small accomplishment at that.

He was sitting down with some of his mates watching television when his world changed forever. Double T and Marty were fighting over the remote when one of them accidentally moved the channel to CNN. It was some kind of press conference from that Iron Man guy. Tony something or other.

Sugar told them to leave it on. Something to do with the capes could matter to them. Especially now that the cops were getting them off the streets and out of a poor dealer’s way.
“And I’m sure that Spider-Man needs no introduction.” The Iron Man guy said.

The Spider looked small onscreen. Kevin had met him before, and when he was lurking on the walls while you knew you had a knife on you, he was terrifying. But onscreen like that… he seemed … almost human.

Kevin was so busy staring at him that he almost ignored what the freak had been saying. Then it happened, Spider-Man took his mask of.
Kevin dropped his beer.

“Mister Parker?!”
The others were too stunned themselves to look at him.

Kevin got up, ignoring the others, moving to the street. Everything was quiet, far too quiet. His mom was waiting for him back home. Mister Parker, the same mister Parker who looked like he could be blown over by a gust of wind. The same mister Parker who’d spent two hours helping Dog go through an equation, even though he had a pretty wife to go home to.

He’d met Spider-Man once before, two months ago. Sugar and Double T had been trying to get him to work for them. Just sell some poppers, nothing big. He’d been saying no, he already had a job.
“Smart move.” The voice had come from behind him, as if the shadows themselves were talking. “Say no to drugs and all that.”

Sugar would have started shooting, but luckily for all three of them, none of them were packing. Not after Mama Watkins had been yelling at them over it earlier that morning. Sugar wasn’t scared of much, except for his mama. And with good reason.

Sugar had said he didn’t know what the Wallcrawler was talking about. That the cape had no business bothering some innocent citizens just hanging around. The Spider had looked at him, cold, dreaded cold and took off. Sugar though he’d won, Kevin hadn’t been quite so sure. He still said no to Sugar though. No matter how often he was asked.

The teacher always looked so sad when he saw them sitting together. Kevin now wanted to tell him that he had listened. He’d stayed away from drugs. Mister Parker with the kind eyes who had sat Hector down, talking to him about college, about opportunities that he still had. Who’d gotten Miguel to go to college and Stacy of the streets.

And who’d beaten Double T and webbed him up for trying to rob a grocery store. The same grocery store that Kevin was working at now. With mister Lee, who was cheap for labour, but who also had a pair of donuts left to take home with him. And who didn’t deserve to be robbed in the first place.

He wondered what made mister Parker do it. Was it about that old lady who’s picture the teacher had on his desk, the one that raised him? Maybe his parents got gunned down in front of him and then a spider came crawling over the window, just as he was thinking about what to name himself?

He just knew that mister parker wouldn’t like him hanging out with the gang. Maybe it was time he listened. Maybe, just maybe it was time to open his books. After all, you didn’t want Spider-Man pissed off at you. Especially if you were in his class come morning.


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