Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Drabblet: "If I could turn back time"

Title: If I could turn back time
Fandom: Doctor horrible

Doctor horrible is working in his lab, drawing something on the blackboard.

“If I could change time,
If I could build a way,
A strong way
An evil way
To turn the tides of time”

He finishes a formula that involves several drawings of a machine, a girl and some kind of big machine.

I would.”

Billy stops singing and is sitting in the Laundromat, eating a frozen yoghurt.

Doctor Horrible is slamming a wrench on a device, turning screws and doing something that seems very difficult.
“If I could stop time
If I could build a way
I’d go back
And save..”

He hits his finger and back to Billy who sits quietly, watching the laundry turn and turn over and over again. He puts his finger in his mouth, it’s still thick. A second frozen yoghurt is melting on the bench besides him.

“If I could stop time
I’d do something
Something evil too
Honestly, or dastardly evil.”

Dr Horrible looks a bit anxiously at Dead Bowie who’s standing behind him as he’s working.

“I’d save her
for evil.”

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