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Not so sure if I have anything to report. But what the hell right?

I'm keeping an eye on the dogs. Both are in the cold bedroom...
Don't know why when they could be lying in front of the fire in the living room.
Especially Trees.
Guess she just likes to take advantage of my mom's heated pillow that I just put on.

Wish I could show a picture of the both of them.
Tess, the youngest of the two, is a collie. Red with white hair and wide open eyes.
She was my mom's boyfriend's dog.
When he died, we adopted the dog.
Glad we did. She's a pleasure to have around the house, even though she has a tendency to take up as much space as she can and lie down in every passageway she has the chance to block.

Trees, the oldest is black that's turning white (or grey) at several places.
She's of an undefined race and we got her from an animal asylum.
You know, one of those places where they bring dogs and cats found alongside the road, or brought in by owners that no longer want them.
Trees was on death row when we got her. Two days to live and someone asked my mom if she wanted her. Her previous owners, who obviously abused her, no longer wanted her cause she'd had the disfortune of getting pregnant.
The poor pups got lost somewhere when she arrived in the asylum.

When we first got her she got angry with every man that dared to come near her. It was pretty obvious that she was scared as hell of men. She didn't have a problem with me, my mom, or my younger brother, but if an adult male tried to get near her, he had a big chance of getting bitten.
She's calmed down a lot since she became a part of our family.

Sure Trees got a bit jealous when she had to share us, her house and her food with Tess, but I like to think they've become friends. Hell when we brought Trees in last evening, lying totally still... Tess seemed worried as hell. Checking up on her at least once every few minutes. Lying down in the same room with Trees, keeping an eye on her when she woke up and staying near her when we let them both out for a walk...
So yeah, I think they're friends now. They spend a big time of the day together, keeping eachother company when we're not around... Snarking and growling where food's concerned, but still...

God I love my dogs.
So now I have to get ready for tomorow, a second day of trying to get Trees to take her medecine, and ten more days after that. This morning, I managed it using Strassbourg, a kind of sausage you put on your bread, hope it works again.
(if the dog doesn't start realizing that sudden treats come with medecine aftertaste ;-) )
Can't say I disagree with her about the taste of antibiotics, but hey, it's for her own good. Right?
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